Keep faith in science to combat epidemic

The novel coronavirus epidemic remains severe, with both confirmed cases and suspected infections surpassing 20,000 respectively. Meanwhile, the speed of the virus’ spread seems to have stabilized.

China has taken the highest-level measures of prevention and control against the epidemic. Hangzhou, capital city of East China’s Zhejiang Province, announced on Tuesday, February 4, it would shut down all non-essential public places and urged local residents to stay at home.

The vast majority of communities in China’s big cities have adopted enclosed or semi-enclosed management, prohibiting non-residents from entering.

Courier services that used to be delivered at the door are now delivered in a way in which the couriers won’t have any contact with addressees. In addition, most companies and institutions have demanded their employees self-quarantine for two weeks after they return from anywhere outside their living cities.

Most Chinese people have significantly reduced their activities and contacts with the outside world, and acted in line with avoiding infection. Moreover, every person’s health condition, travel record and with whom they have ever contacted are made known to their neighbors or colleagues. It is unprecedented for a country of 1.4 billion people to mobilize.

We must trust science rather than panic. With such a big scale of national mobilization, we believe most channels for the virus to spread will be blocked. China has established a strong defense network against the invisible enemy. The novel coronavirus won’t be allowed to spread unchecked anymore.

Scientists have constantly predicted that an inflection point will emerge. It is difficult to predict the exact date of the inflection point, but it will come sooner or later.

It is a crucial moment right now. Probably within days, the fight against the coronavirus will come to a decisive stage. We need to take the strictest measures, not allowing slackening efforts. Meanwhile, there is no reason to panic.

Since a nationwide epidemic control system has been deployed, the future is highly certain: First, the outbreak will be curbed and controlled. Next, we will combat and completely overcome it step by step. There is no clear timetable for it, but the roadmap is quite clear.

It is hoped everybody can actively respond to the national call and specific local arrangements. Some places have adopted measures to restrict people’s movements, which needs our understanding and cooperation. We should stay united to pull through this difficult time together.

The disaster has actually proven China’s astonishing mobilization ability and solidarity. Probably no country in the world will protect people’s lives at any cost as China does. The epidemic won’t weaken China’s competitiveness. China will eventually win and become more mature and stronger.

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