World needs to stand together in face of novel coronavirus outbreak

The novel coronavirus outbreak is drawing concerns from the world. In face of the epidemic, human beings share the same destiny, and only unity and collaboration are able to generate a power to safeguard lives.

China’s practices have been highly recognized and hailed by the world. The country is demonstrating strong unity, connected movements, and joint efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. It is timely releasing relevant information both domestically and internationally, actively responding to concerns of each party, and enhancing international cooperation.

Spain’s Observatory of Chinese Politics recently posted an article on its website, saying China’s institutional advantages that enable the country to concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings have been fully demonstrated in this battle against the epidemic. The united resolution and actions of the 1.4 billion Chinese people have also made contribution to the joint efforts to safeguard regional and global public health.

The international community shows great care for the epidemic in China, which mirrors the sincere relationship among countries. So far, over 70 political leaders from more than 50 countries and heads of 20 international organizations, through letters or other ways, have expressed their appreciation and support for China’s efforts to battle against the novel coronavirus, injecting confidence for the epicenter Wuhan and for China.

The epidemic prevention and control materials donated by South Korea, Japan, the UK, France, Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Iran, Belarus, Indonesia and the United Nations Children’s Fund have arrived in China, while Russian, Vietnamese and German governments have also donated medical supplies.

Students of a German middle school sang a choir to boost the confidence of China, and Japanese friends wrote “Lands apart, destiny shared” on the boxes of their donation to China. These touching moments are all about love and shared destiny, demonstrating the unity of the people around the world.

The world is globalized, so there is no member of the international society that is free from global public health incidents. Viruses are a public enemy of human beings, and to take a win in the battle against the novel coronavirus as early as possible is a goal shared by the world.

At this moment, what the world needs is not hypes made by the busybodies, the prejudices and discrimination from the narrow-minded, or the irresponsible labeling and distorting by certain western media. Unity and goodwill shall be the mainstream.

Former Secretary General of the United Nations and Chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia Ban Ki-moon remarked that when the world wins the battle against the epidemic, the history will not only remember the institutional advantages of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also the shared responsibility of each country to jointly cope with the crisis.

China is always standing with the world. “Virus hunter” Walter Ian Lipkin, a professor with Columbia University forged a close friendship with China in the 2003 SARS epidemic. Now, he has gone to China once again to jointly curb the novel coronavirus.

After the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa in 2014, China immediately responded to the call of the countries there and took the initiative to offer assistance. Today, the South African company U-Mask donated medical masks to China; Ivorian footballer Yaya Touré sent his best wishes to Wuhan through a video clip; and over 10,000 staffs in the largest bank of Africa wore red outfits to show support for China.

To share weal and woe is what works when the world is facing risks and challenges, and also a strong appeal released by the community with a shared future for mankind.

Shared destiny leads to close bonds. The world is casting its eyes to Wuhan where makeshift hospitals Huoshenshan and Leishenshan have been built in days, presenting a huge miracle that shocks the world. BBC found that tens of millions of people have been watching the livestreaming of the construction.

Cement mixers at the construction sites have found themselves with nickname like “The White Roller” and a large flat-bed truck carrying construction supplies has affectionately been termed: “Brother Red Bull”. The world highly praises the speed and efficiency of China, and believes the unstoppable power of the country.

At a time when the world needs to jointly face difficulties, people across the globe are standing firm with China sincerely. Human beings will never be defeated by viruses, and will achieve the final victory as long as they fight corporately.

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