Endless Allegations Of Alleged Graft In NDDC:The Last Kicks Of A Dying Horse

By Leo Ekpenyong

For some of us who have been victims of blackmail, vituperations laced with falsehood and orchestrated campaigns of vicious calumny flowing from our successes in our chosen endeavours,the recent incendiary narratives against the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio and by extension the NDDC is not strange and we refuse to be flabbergasted.

The reasons are not far fetched.Firstly,traducers and callous people envious of success can go to any length to destroy.Secondly, only the guilty are afraid.

Watching with keen interest Seun Okinbaloye’s,”politics today, last Sunday on Channels television,the failed attempt by the sponsored debater belabour with unrelenting zeal, though unsuccessfully to lampoon the interim management committee of the NDDC apparently to bamboozle unsuspecting members of the public.

Their bizarre and ridiculous allegations can best be described as not only a figment of their warped imagination but a conjuration of falsehood, because contract award due process process mechanism is clearly spelt out in the public service rules.

The grand conspiracy of known parliamentarians whose vested interests of milking the agency in collusion with their in-house officials who haven’t realised their responsibilities and limitations as civil servants is being truncated by the forensic audit exercise.

Indeed, the paranoia of the anticipated outcome of the forensic audit has set the stage for the baseless media trial of the IMC of the NDDC, clearly geared towards scuttling President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive and mandate to clean the augean stable of accumulated filth.

To this end,we encourage the honorable Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio to remember to aphorism that,”if you have to make omelet, you must break eggs”and be guided by the unfailing words of God as recorded in Jeremiah 1 vs 19.To the Pondei-led IMC,my exhortation in the face of this brazen display of hostility by enemies of progress and agents of darkness as enshrined in the scripture, specifically in Psalm 34 vs 19,is to be focused and remain as “constant as the northern star,of whose fixed resting quality, there is no fellow in the firmament”.

The activities of these fifth columnist, whose desire is to do anything and everything possible to stall and terminate the forensic audit must be lawfully resisted as it’s outcome will not only be reveal the can of worms but rebirth the vision of the founding fathers for the realisation of its full potentials.We are aware of other subterranean plots to unleash fabricated mendacious publications,

characteristically akin to the last kicks of a dying horse,but no degree of blackmail and impediment will stop a determined leadership under President Muhammadu Buhari from extricating the NDDC from the stranglehold of its marauders.

Leo Ekpenyong writes for De-bongos media

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