Dr Jumai Ahmadu: Heroes of the COVIC-19 pandemic in Nigeria

By Musa Wada

Today, the world is in great trouble and this trouble is caused by the emergence of a deadly epidemic that has the capacity to wipe the human race out of existence.The world today is witnessing a great deal of efforts and contributions of governments, individuals and non-governmental organisations, to cushion the effects of the emergency but neccessary lockdown declared by governments all over the world.

It is also a fact all over the world that the world is in need of heroes at this painful juncture in the existence of mankind.The covic-19 pandemic has already produced many heroes.

Today in Abuja, many have come to mention the name of Dr. Jumai Ahmadu of the situation room as their heroes so far in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. She is the founder of the helpline foundation for the needy that has impacted the life of many Abuja residents.

Dr. Ahmadu’s Foundation has helped mobilize funds to create the covic-19 response funds to support first responders, health workers and individuals quarantined.

Her foundation through its funds has helped provide funds to those in need of protective equipments and giving financial assistance to widows, orphans and the disadvantaged in the society who have been impacted negatively by the corona virus epidemic.

The Foundation has hired professionals and volunteers preparing vulnerable communities around Abuja for the impact of covid-19. They are also supplying these communities with protective equipments and replenishing medical supplies in critical hospitals around Abuja.

The foundation has been in the forefront in the distributions and collections of medical materials needed in various rural and urban hospitals in Abuja during this covic-19 crisis.

The foundation has also in quick response bolstered its quick response line which provides callers with vital informations, resources vital services and support during the pandemic.

President Buhari has done what was necessary by shutting down the country when it was obvious that the virus was spreading increasingly daily in the country, this measure was very patroitic and prudent. This measure brought to fore Nigeria,s poor track record of poorly executing decisions that affect the whole country especially as it stranded millions of our citizens that have been out of jobs and placed marginalised communities and groups at risks.

Amid massive disruptions caused by the pandemic, there was need for people of goodwill and non-governmental organisations to spring into action. Dr Ahmadu was tthe first through her Helpline foundation to heed this altruistic call to fill the gap of communication and delivery of essential items to the Abuja residents and under-privileged groups.

Urban slums dots many of the Abuja city’s metropolitan satelite towns. According to studies, one in four residents of Abuja lives in such slums. Slums dwellers, typically have little or no leaverages in the corriders of power and that is why DR Jumai Ahmadu’s help, as head of the situation rooms, to the people at this time is timely and apt.

While it is commendable that the government has taken some steps to stop further spread of the virus, it is a fact that the government alone cannot reach every segment of the society especially the economically weaker section. Dr. Ahmadu has tremendiously helped in filling this gaps uncovered by the government and so she is deservedly the FCT hero of the covid-19 pandemic.

Wada sent this piece from Abuja

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