EFFECTIVE REPRESENTATION: Examplary strides of Hon. Ofor Chukwuegbo

By Nwobodo Onyekwere

During the campaigns, Hon. Ofor Chukwuegbo had a beautiful, well designed flyer, one of his core campaign materials.

In it, he stated without equivocation, that “Effective Representation” in his own vocabulary meant steady attraction of dividends of democracy to his people, and making sure they got what people of other areas got, or even more!
He assured that his mission was to ensure he impacted on the life of people of his constituency through attraction of dividends of democracy!.

Of note too,was his express assertion in same material that, at the NASS, when and if elected, the penchant for the limelight, rascality, and love for razzmatazz, just to get noticed, amounted to playing to the gallery, while abdicating the core business!

Those antics were not his way, he said, because they neither changed the society, put food on any table, nor money in the pockets of needy constituents!

And so far, folks, with due respect, I can confirm to you that our own Prince, Ochuko mgbada zogbuo enyi…has not let you or himself down these past months! He has delivered on his promise of “effective representation” in all respects, hasn’t he?

This Tuesday, June 02, 2020, a weeklong training and empowerment program he perfected, took off in the Enugu state capital. Folks are trained on, and empowered to do Snail Farming with further comprehensive knowledge on being an “agro-preneur”!

As usual with our Representative, equal number of beneficiaries are drawn from the 26 political wards that make up the federal constituency which Hon. Chukwuegbo represents. The FG-sponsored training exercise would last five days.

Now, note this: this program should have taken place nearly two years ago, but those in charge of our affairs then, had no political will,influence or interest to close the deal, so we almost lost it!

Ochuko, since inauguration, swung into action, did the needful, got cooperation from allies, and progressives of like minds, and finally got the project delivered…just in time..!

It was nearly lost.
Facts are sacred…Ochuko, please, God bless and empower you…even to do more!

PHOTO: Some of the items distributed to beneficiaries for his ‘Agro-preneur’ Constituency Empowerment Programme.

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