Re-opening of Churches: TB Joshuatells Nigerians the mind of God

…Insists Synagogue will open in line with God’s Direction

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Churchof All Nations (SCOAN) has variously identified himself as a man who does notsit on the fence, he speaks the mind of God at all times not minding whose oxis gored. Recently the prophet of God in his message advised the Lagos StateGovernment to be careful in reopening the churches which were locked down as away of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. TB Joshua insists the Synagogue willreopen according to God’s direction. Southwest Editor, JOHN SILAS and CYRIACUSNNAJI write.

Prophet TBJoshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is a man with specialgift which is listening, waiting and speaking the mind of God. He does notbelong to the majority whose prophecies are guided by government actions andplans, who go cap in hand for patronage from government and agencies, hencebelongs to a rare class of prophets that speak the truth even when it hurts.

Recently heasked the Lagos State Government to be cautious in the latest move to reopen Churchesand Mosques in the state. In his modest consideration which was in line withGod’s desire, he maintained that his church will not reopen until he hears fromGod.

According toJoshua, whose church accounts for six out of every ten foreign visitors toNigeria – said he received a “revelation” from God about the church’s initialclosure.

In a videoposted to YouTube, the cleric can be heard forewarning of The SynagogueChurch Of All Nations (SCOAN) closure on three occasions – in February 2019,April 2019 and January 2020 – long before the coronavirus outbreak resulted ina ban on public gatherings.

“God’s timeis the best. We are waiting at His feet for that time. We are tarrying for theHoly Spirit’s instruction,” he continued, calling on his followers to “praywithout ceasing”.

While insisting that his church will not open now,the prophet said “Viewers, don’t forget there was a revelation three timesconcerning the church closing. Viewers, that same God, we are waiting to hearfrom on when to reopen – when things will go back to normal – as usual. God’stime is the best. We are waiting at His feet for that time. We are tarrying forthe Holy Spirit’s instruction. Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).”

He advised the members and the public who areconstantly turned to Emmanuel TV saying “Meet us as usual on Emmanuel TV untilwe hear from God when to reopen, the same God who gave us the prophecy threetimes about the church closing. It is God’s work, not our work. Here, ourthanks go to the authorities for understanding. Jesus is Lord!”

It was notunusual as the Governor of Lagos, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu keyed into the word ofTB Joshua, insisting that the places of worship were not ripe for reopening.

Theinformation was made known by Lagos Commissioner for Home Affairs, AnofiuElegushi, who said the reopening of worship centers in Lagos was not yetpossible as the state was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

Theannouncement comes several hours after Pastor TB Joshua insisted he would onlyopen his Lagos-based church when “he hears from God”.

SeveralNigerian online publications inferred Sanwo-Olu’s decision was influenced bythe prominent cleric’s position.

It will be right to say Governor Sanwo-Olu, havingthought about the welfare of Lagosians, and the possible repercussion ofopening churches at this time, concurred with the prophetic message of ProphetT.B Joshua too.

TBJoshua is known for his sound prophecies, philanthropic gestures all around theworld. Millions of Nigerians and foreigners have benefitted from the spiritualand philanthropic works of Prophet TB Joshua.

Itis on record that no Nigerian pastor dead or alive has done half of what TBJoshua has done in philanthropy.

Itis on record also that when thousands of Nigerians were repatriated from Libyait was Prophet TB Joshua who took it upon himself to shelter them, feed themand empowered them by giving them a token to start life afresh, while otherchurches look the other way.

Yet the man of God, renowned for hisexceptional simplicity, is not satisfied, and until he is able to reduce thesuffering and hunger daily experienced by the majority, he says his job is notdone.

“People are helpless, they have nohope. They know what they want in lifeand can achieve them when faced with the right opportunities, but they arefacing serious challenges in their lives and this is my utmost concern,” he hascontinued to say.

But TB Joshua believes helping thepoor remains the most important part of his work on earth. “People out thereare waiting for you for a lifetime, to give them a chance to smile again. Youcannot afford to fail them. Failing them is failing God. Remember, God isspeaking to you through them, saying: ‘They are fatherless so that you can betheir father; they are lonely so that you can be their companion; they are inwant so that you can be their benefactor.’

Itis on record that the Founder of SCOAN, T.B. Joshua, in collaboration with thechurch’s media platform, Emmanuel TV, once donated items worth GH¢140,000 (N6,332,646) tothe National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to help victims ofdisaster in Ghana. The items were presented at the NADMO headquarters in thecountry’s capital, Accra.

SCOAN donated the sum of N20 million for electricity upgrade in hisArigidi-Akoko community of Ondo State.

It is anincontrovertible fact that no religious organisation in Nigeria has everreceived and continues to receive a stream of foreign church workers willing toforsake the pleasures abundant in their countries and pitch tents with thesoft-spoken pastor in Ikotun.

From China, Korea, USA, UK, Denmark,Israel, Norway, Russia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, among others.

At the last count, presidents of various countries have been to the church,which is conspicuously located in the hilly Ikotun Egbe, a busy Lagos suburb.The Ghanaian president, Prof. John Attah Mills visited the Church before thekeenly contested election in his country, which ushered in his government. Healso came to give thanks for his victory. The King of Limpopo, Koshi KgaboMoloto, and his Zulu, South African counterpart, King Godswill ZwelithniKabhekuzulu have visited the church too.

It is onrecord what TB Joshua said in an interview, he said: If you meet people, andyou are in position – you have to help”

It is also on record that Prophet TB Joshua was once accompanied by TheEmmanuel TV team, stormed Alaba-Rago with a truck-full of top quality rice.This rice was intended only for the deprived/underprivileged that reside in thecommunity. The sight of the environment was appalling, one wondered how theinhabitants manage to survive in such an environment unbefitting of a humanbeing.

At a point, the Prophet approached a young man smoking marijuana, collected itfrom him and extinguished it on his jeans. He then spotted a hut full of youngmen. He entered and discovered that they were all puffing away at theirmarijuana. Surprisingly, he sat in their midst and started a conversation withthem, telling them that he was their friend. The hut was practicallyjam-packed, with each person with the exception of Prophet TB Joshua holding astick of marijuana.

Prophet TB Joshua shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and promised toassist any one of them that decided to further their education or take up atrade. He then donated bags of rice to them.

He was also at the Agege home for the needy, Prophet TB Joshsua was seenlifting bags of rice on his head. He also donated loads of bags of rice to theblind and leper community. In addition, the sum of N300,000 was presented tothe leader of the community.

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