People Investment TV Show Rolls Out Programme To Aide Nigerians

A non-governmental organization, the People Investment TV show has mapped out plans aimed at touching the lives of indigent Nigerians and other beneficiaries.

To this end, the NGO has begun plans to actualize what it calls a nine-stage empowerment programme, to cater for various strata of Nigerians, which will help in the betterment of their lives.
The National Coordinator of Peoples Investment TV Show, Mr Believe Odafe Ogbejeje, made this known when he spoke to journalists in his Abuja office recently, on the activities lined up to mark the 5th anniversary of organization.

Mr Ogbejeje, who described his NGO as faith-based media organization that has been in the forefront in promoting human empowerment, dignity and upliftment through various forms of media outreach and channels, disclosed that nine-stage empowerment pogramme to embark by the organization, will be done on stage-by-stage model.

Breaking down the various stages of the programme, which also acts as the core services of the organization, named to include: EMPOWRMENT STAGE ONE, which will focus on Free Medical Test for aging adults (60 years and above) – “This scheme would see us provide free medical test to about 300 aging individuals living in rural areas in vision test, rheumatism, sugar test, blood pressure etc.

“We are partnering with some laboratories and hospitals in these rural areas though we still need support from large cooperate humanitarian agencies to fully achieve and implement this.”
The EMPOWRMENT STAGE TWO of the programme will see the NGO giving out Airtime to Start With, AIT and Channel TV 30 Minutes Network – at a cost of N 2,700,000.00 (Two million Seven hundred thousand Naira, with a breakdown of : Appearing 2 times in a week and 8 times in a month, 24 times in 3 months quarter at N64,800,000 in AIT TV; Appearing two 2 times in a week and 8 times in a month, 24 times in 3 months quarter at N64,800,000 in Channel TV at a total cost of 129,600,000.00.

In the EMPOWERMENT STAGE three, there is programme for provision of Scholarship to indigent children – “where schools fees will be paid payment for about 1,000 children whose parents cannot afford to pay their fees both in primary and secondary schools in a year. This is summed at N10,000 per term for a child totaling N30,000 for a child in a year as there are 3 terms. The cost for this stage is N30, 000,000.”

The EMPOWERMENT STAGE FOUR of the programme will look at “Empowering youth in training in media which includes M.C, Radio and Television presenting for a month at the rate of N100,000 per person and 300 youths are to be empowered through this scheme at the cost of N30,000,000.”

Enumerating the rest of the programme, Mr Ogbejeje said that in EMPOWERMENT STAGE FIVE, the NGO intends to sponsor marriages for youths – “Due to the high level of poverty in the society, many youth find it difficult to get married. This scheme would enable at-least 1,000 youths at the rate of N300, 000 each to get married; making it at a total cost of N300, 000,000.”

While on EMPOWERMENT STAGE SIX, he said the organization plans to remove commercial sex workers off from the nation’s streets by getting them befitting accommodation and also engaging them in different skills acquisition which includes tailoring, catering, etc. According to Ogbejeje, “This scheme targets 1,000 sex workers at the cost of N300,000 per person to cover both accommodation and training. This will amount to N300, 000,000 in total.”

He also disclosed that in EMPOWERMENT STAGE SEVEN, there will be empowerment of widows, noting that “Many widows in the society suffer oppression from husband family members trying to take over their possessions after their husbands demise while others suffer severe hardship as there are not enough resources left by the husband to carter for the family.

“This scheme would enable us create awareness to a lot of wealthy individuals to use their wealth in fighting their cause through various foundations and legal aids if necessary. 3,000 widows have been targeted for this scheme at the rate of N100, 000 to N300, 000 per year.”

Explaining further he said that in EMPOWERMENT STAGE EIGHT, there will be empowerment of persons with disabilities – “training them in SMEs ventures for self sustenance. This scheme targets 1,000 people at the rate of N10, 000 to N20, 000 per year.”

Additionally he said that in EMPOWERMENT STAGE NINE, there will be Concert and talent hunt development initiatives – this includes comedy, modeling, acting, football etc. “To empower about 1,000 to 3,000 people per year in every sector.”

Mr Ogbejeje assured that the various empowerment programmes as articulated by the NGO will serve the purpose for setting them up, as those behind the planning and eventual execution of the empowerment programme are men and women of proven integrity and good character standing, who are God-fearing and share the same vision with the organisation.

He however called on good spirited individuals to donate passionately to the course, saying the organization alone cannot carry huge financial burden that comes with it alone.

“Apart from the financial assistance, we are also looking forward to fruitful partnership in various dimensions as the spirit leads anyone. We are trusting God for a rewarding outing both for us as an NGO and our sponsors, to achieve our set goals and ojectives,” he added.

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