Testimonies rule the air as Chosen holds Only God CanDo This crusade

By Cyriacus Nnaji

Testimonies, healings,deliverances and miracles rule were in abundance as The Lords ChosenCharismatic Revival Ministries held the 2020 Crusade titled ‘Only God Can DoThis’.

The two days programme was heldon Saturday and Sunday, December 25th and 26th, 2020 at Revival Ground of thechurch, Ijesha, Lagos.

A woman Ngozi Alege testifiedhow he was healed of acute pain, while another man testified how he found hislost son after the first day of the program, and Leg poison which could notallow the sufferer to wear shoes was rolled away.

Pastor Muoka stated that theessence of testimony was to tell the world that God cannot lie.

He directed those who broughttheir sick ones to go close to them as he was set for the miracle hour. The manof God commanded the broken bones to join together and the paralysed to riseand walk to the altar, and immediately a crowd of those who believed rose upand walked.

Muoka also cancelled stroke,damaged kidney, heaviness in the body, spirit of deaf and dump was cast out,even as the spirit of madness, loss of memory, blindness, glaucoma, damagedlungs, liver, kidney were not given breathing space as all damaged organs were replacedin the name of Jesus.

A man testified of bringhealed of 25 years of demonic arthritis, while other testified of being healedof two month leg pain, 7 years deaf and dump instantly healed after the man ofGod prayed, 27 years deaf and dump healed, 3 years paralysis gone and two yearsbreast cancer rolled away.

Taking his reading fromMatthew 8:23; Matthew 17:14; Matthew 29:26; Revelation 4:11; psalm 50:15, theman of God, Pastor Muoka pointed to the fact that ‘Only God Can Do This’ whichwas the theme of the two days Crusade.

Muoka stated that man islimited in sight, memory, wisdom, power, knowledge and that the physical bodycannot even last forever. He added that man depends on God who knows everythingand who can do all things.

He said it is only God who cangive permanent solution to man’s uncountable problems.

He reiterated that even thoughsomething good has been happening in your life God will do it again.

Muoka reminded the congregantsthat the Lord walked upon the sea, went to heaven without aircraft and that Godis capable of doing all things. He assured them that their problem will notcross over to the New Year, be it sickness, disease, broken bones, Coronavirus, he said their problem is over and God has heard their prayers. 

He said God silenced HIV and CoronaVirus in the church, and He will silence all their problems, adding that Godwill recreate them, heal them and that they are totally free.

Muoka ended by telling hislisteners that they must be born again and give their lives to Jesus, addingthat submitting themselves to God is a precondition for God’s favor andblessings, reminding them that a Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is nota Christian. He invited armed robbers and other categories of sinners to repentand serve God.

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