NDI – ABIA, GODS’ OWN STATE – We Won’t Allow That We Are Asked, Where Is Thy God?

By Uzodinma Nwaogbe

My Abia Progressives, we don’t have a choice but must begin to come together for one single reason, to liberate ourselves from the shackles of our enemies. Our enemies are no other than – the swindlers, profiteers, 10 per centers, economic and political saboteurs, men and women who has sworn to deny Abia of social-economic development and growth. We must gather to work assiduously against those whose only mission in government house and offices is to work against the interest of Abia and its peoples, make the state look good for nothing before the rest of the country. It is going to be man to man engagement, darkness can never defeat light, never. We must restore Ugwu Abia!

We must unite to stop these fellow Abians from undermining our destiny. We must prove to them that our state wealth is for the growth and development of the state and peoples, not for personal sharing amongst themselves. Since 1999, there has not been any meaningful development. There are no infrastructures, no development, no economic viability, retired and serving civil servants wages and salaries are denied them. While other states are building socio-economic enablers in preparation for tomorrow challenges, Abia is just stagnant and promoting retrogression and poverty. This is no exaggeration. It is not talking politics, it is not hatred for those occupying political positions but, a hard fact.

We must gather, not in any political party’s interest, nor for any politician but, squarely and clearly for the interest of Abia. We are on a mission, the mission to rescue our state from bondage, from a battered and humiliated position. We are mucked at. People of other states laugh at us. Enough is definitely enough. Very few political elites cannot suppress the entire state for too long. They cannot destroy the social-economic vibrancy of the state while we watch and do nothing. We must stop it and, this is the time. The time to break their gang up, the chain of oppression and economic slavery, impoverishment. Their evil grip on the state must end. The people of God must conquer, because God never forsakes His people. And, we are Gods’ own people.

Abia progressives, men and women with conscience must arise and team up. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you must come forward to be identified to make your contribution for the sake of the life of the state. Our state must be geared towards achieving giant strides in development. It is a glaring fact that we are the least developed amongst the five states of the region. We are at the bottom of development in Nigeria. This is shameful. It is a disgrace. But, it has been possible because the senior citizens, elites of the state, progressives, people with conscience abandoned the scene. We must recover, restore the state to its glory. We must rise and march to the political barricade for emancipation. We must march together, fight together for the soul of Abia. Abia is ours to protect and keep. The time is Now!

Our children’s future should be paramount to us. Preparing their social-economic and political tomorrow should be at the centre of our heart. The progressives, men and women of goodwill must not shy away from the battle field to rescue Abia. It is a battle, oh yes, a serious battle. It is never going to be a tea party, for freedom comes by struggle.

Uzodinma Nwaogbe  can be reached through  0708.438.1845

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