COVID-19 Vaccine: Allow Nigerians to decide if they want to take it- Group tells FG

From Pwanagba Agabus, Jos 

A Non Governmental Organisation, Equity International Initiative (EII) has called on the Federal Government and authorities responsible for the vaccination of the citizenry against COVID-19 to stop the administration of the vaccine until it is properly certified to be safe without any negative side effects.

The group equally said if government insists that the vaccination most go on, it should not be by compulsion, citizens should decide if they want to take or not.

This was contained in a communique issued at the end of the organisation’s conference held in Lagos, on the state of the nation in relation to COVID-19 matters, relating to compulsory vaccination, prolonged wearing of face mask, lockdown and social distancing, signed by Barr. Desmond Eke, 
Deputy Country Director, 
Equity International Initiative and Dr Lizzy Okay,
Co-Covener of Citizens Coalition Against Impunity and Injustice.

It reads: “The administering of the mandatory vaccine should be stopped or rather suspended until proper medical research is completed and found to be safe without any negative effect.

“On the contrary, if the government insist on the administration of the vaccine, it should not be by compulsion, people should decide whether they want the vaccine or not, and those who refuse to take the vaccine should not be proffered, labelled nor denied any of their rights as enshrined in the constitution.

It maintained that, “The media space should be opened up for people to fully express their opinions, thoughts and convictions about the vaccine, without the fear of being censored.

The group also said, wearing of face mask should not be made compulsory, but instead be made optional.

“People should be given access to places and meetings whether they wear masks or not.

“Markets and malls that are still under lockdown should be opened as soon as possible.

“Civil and public servants of all level should resume office work for a more effective and efficient productivity.

The group also said embargoes on communal living should be lifted so that people can work and live together without inhibitions.

The EII further advised government not to enforce shutdowns in Nigeria, as done in the western nations because the social political arrangements are different.

According to the group, “Such nations had provided welfare measures for their citizens before the shut downs were enforced

The while outlining the dangers associated with the Covid-19 Vaccine, said,
“Vaccines have been shown not to have undergone the laid down medical protocols and ethics.

“The vaccine should go through clinical testing and human testing which should have taken not less than 2 years before being administered”, it advised.

“An instance is the case of Thalidomide drug which was introduced some years ago in the western world, mostly used for the prevention of early pregnancy sickness.

“As at the point introduction, it was ok to the health, but 5 years later, it was discovered that babies born after the women took these drugs were born without legs and arms”, the group explained.

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