Obiano’s 7 years in office a disaster, PDP declares

From Isaac Ojo and Ifeoma Ejiofor, Nnewi
As the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) roll out drums to celebrate seven years of Governor Willie Obiano’s leadership in Anambra State, the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has lashed at the gobernment, saying “the administration is a disaster”, unworthy of celebrating.

The Publicity Secretary of PDP in the state, Mr. Nnamdi Nwangwu, in a statement said “rather than celebrating, the governor and his APGA managers should bury their heads in shame because Anambra state has suffered unprecedented backward slide under Chief Obiano’s watch”.

According to him, “It is unfortunate and at the same time embarrassing that the APGA-controlled government is celebrating seven years of colossal failure. There is practically nothing on ground to celebrate.

“Under the watch of Gov. Obiano, the status of Anambra State as having the best road network in Nigeria has suffered a sever blow. The roads in the state have become death traps, old roads are not maintained and new ones are not constructed.

“At a time in recent past, one can move from the farthest point in the state to Awka, the state capital, in less than one hour. That is no longer the case today.

“The evil wind that has blown on road infrastructure has also affected almost other sectors. There is absolutely no infrastructural development witnessed in Obiano’s Anambra. “It has been the case of the more you look, the less you understand.

“Mr. Peter Obi handed over democratic local government areas to Chief Obiano, but the incumbent has not deemed it fit to deepen democracy in Anambra State by conducting local government election since he assumed office seven years ago. “APGA cronnies who are just ‘yesmen’ are appointed Transition Commitee (TC) chairmen while the fortune of council areas continue to dwindle. 

“Many hospitals especially the primary health centers and the General Hospitals were beautifully performing their medical functions to the good people of Anambra State before Chief Obiano came on board, but today, most of the hospitals have become shadows of their usual selves.

“As the institutions of higher learning keep churning out graduates year-in-year-out, the APGA-controlled government has not given employment to any of these teeming youths who are forced to take up menial jobs in the nation’s urban centers.

“At a time, the APGA government lied that they were exporting vegetables and other farm produce, but today the good people of the state have woken up to the stark realization that they have been duped by a clueless and visionless government whose achievements are only seen and recognised by their paid e-rats championed by an hypocrite, lying and self acclaimed evangelist, (names witheld) on Facebook and other social media,” Nwangwu stated.

The Publicity Secretary recalled with nostalgia that Anambra State used to be the safest state in Nigeria before the current APGA government took over, stressing that crimes and criminality have returned to the state under Obiano’s watch.

“Nothing is actually working under the administration of the day, the rate of kidnapping and other violent crimes have assumed an upward dimension.”Ndi Anambra and visitors now have nightmares in the day time while passing through Upper Iweka area of Onitsha. The same thing is applicable at Nnewi, Awka, Ekwulobia and other communities,” he said.

Nwangwu noted that the crime rate is further boosted by the army of touts on the streets of Anambra State unleashed by the APGA government to collect one form of revenue or the other.

The PDP image maker said that the government of the day has always been playing the Ostrich over the matter.

“Whenever election is approaching the APGA controlled government will tell the people that collection of  certain revenues and levies are suspended, but the moments the elections are over, the Obiano’s revenue attack dogs will pounce on the people and in the process make it difficult to do business in the state.

“Anambra State has become a state of ‘caretaker’ as the APGA government has denied many communities the opportunity of electing their town unions executives, the same thing of course is applicable to the market unions in the state. It’s always caretaker here and there!” He emphasized.

“Obiano and his APGA cronnies have been talking about legacy projects like the Anambra Cargo airport. Unfortunately for them Anambra people leaning on the philosophy of once beaten, twice shy can not be decieved again. “The only legacy is that the good people of Anambra State cannot wait to say bye-bye to bad riddance next year. APGA government is a typical example of the dangers of giving precious thing to the pig!” Nwangwu said.

He appealed to Ndi Anambra and residents to give PDP a chance in the November 6 governorship election.

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