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Our leaders are selfish, self-centred, greedysays Pastor (Mrs) Vivian Anyiam

…As she announces commencement of her ministry

Cyriacus Nnaji

Let’s meet you and what you do

My name is Mrs. Vivian Uchenna Anyiam, I work with AIICO Insurance Plc. I have other things I am doing. I am an author, I have written several short stories but published only one, the one I have published is titled Short Stories with Morals, while other ones are still there, by the special grace of God, before the end of this year, I think one or two of the other of my books will be out.

We also learnt that you run a ministry

Yes, it is a ministry given to me by the almighty God, from my mother’s womb I have been called to serve in the vineyard, from my childhood I have been doing the work of God and to the glory of God, officially last year March 16, I started my own ministry, where I gather women and children we prayed, every Monday from 5pm to 6pm, the Women standing in the gap for the family, as in praying for the family, praying for the husband, praying for their loved ones because a prayerful woman is a dangerous weapon against the devil.

 What is the name of your Ministry?

The name of my ministry according to the revelation is His Grace & Mercy Prayer Ministry

Why the choice of that name?

Yes because when you look around, everything happening in this world, it only takes the grace of God and His mercy for you to stand out. If not the grace of God upon my life I don’t think I will be alive today. It is just his grace and His mercy.

What are you doing to promote your ministry?

I was not looking at it in this direction, mostly what I do, I attend programmes, people invite me to come and preach. It started in 2017, when some men of God began to call me and say do you realize that you have a ministry? I said yes I know, but I was not looking at it in the direction of having my personal own. I attend mostly women programmes, whenever they are having programmes I go there and talk to them and preach the word of God.

 Your advice to other women

No matter how little, start something, don’t be liability; don’t be dependant, unless you want your husband to die young. I do talk to women, that is why my ministry, when I go out there to talk, I talk to them about not depending on their husband totally.  No matter how little, gone are the days when the woman would tell you my husband would do this and that, check that husband of yours you are depending on, what is his income? As a woman you must have something doing, you must have something you can fall back on anytime. As a woman you must have your own money.

Are you satisfied with Nigerian leadership?

I have to be blunt, our leaders are selfish, our leaders are self-centred, our leaders are greedy. Our leaders, they don’t have the future of their citizens in their mind. They only want to pack and accumulate, for generation unborn. Look at the situation in the country, an average man cannot eat standard two square meals a day, if you are opportune to eat one, you glorify God. When you enter the market, things are very very expensive, what is the government doing about it? The government does not care if we exist, and because people want to survive; that is why there are a lot of crimes.

What do you think can be done to solve all these?

The only solution we have in this country is for God to come down and remove all the evil leaders, unless God intervenes, it will take the intervention of God for Nigeria to come back. I could remember when Jonathan was still there, things were still better but some activists, some even refused to eat for weeks, some refused to bathe for weeks, that Jonathan must go, now that Buhari is there and the situation in the country is worsening, they dare not talk because if they talk they know the consequences. They know. The only prayer I am praying is let God arise and intervene in this country Nigeria.

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