Nigeria is in agony and needs national healing,says PG, Ohaneaze Ndigbo

From Maurice Okafor,Enugu.

The President General,Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide,Professor George Obiozor has called on those at corridors of power and the entire political class in the country to hastly fine tune ways of stirring the country out of it’s turbulent moments before it will be too late. He tasked the government to embrace true values of justice,equity and fairness for real peace,progress,unity and development to thrive in Nigeria.

Professor Obiozor gave this task yesterday while addressing a press conference at the national secretariat of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide,located at No 7 park avenue, GRA Enugu. The press conference is the second of it’s type he addressed from the national secretariat of the party, at Enugu.

Thereby,clarifying the speculations that the alleged faction of Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Professor Ibe took over the national secretariat of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

The Ohanaeze President General whose 4 – page foolscap address harped so much on critical issues on the state of the nation, lamented that  the dream of Nigeria as one united nation is crumbling and fading fast as a result of prevailing violence, crises and conflicts in various parts of the country said there is no best time to start the healing process than now.’Nigeria is in agony and pains, it is time for national healing’.

His words,’Nigerian political leaders must make haste and make careful and delicate choices on how to solve Nigerian problem which is Nigeria national question. Above all measures,the federal government itself must conspicuously embrace the values of justice,equity and fairness in their true sense for real peace,progress,unity and development to thrive in Nigeria’.

He explained that the greatest problem for leadership any where in the world begins when  the general public or citizens including members of the national political elite become conscious of the existence of governance based on selective morality,outrageous  paradox and double standard.At that point, citizen alienation set in and the results are loss of integrity,prestige, diminishing legitimacy and authority of the government.

He cautioned,’No government should get to the point where the citizens will feel uncomfortable or doubtful about it’s decisions on matters of the national interest and destiny. It is the time the government and people start the healing process,Nigeria is in agony and pains, it is time for national healing’.

The Ohanaeze President General described the mood of the nation as one of the worst that has affected virtually all aspects of our national life. He said the situation is comparable to the over four decades message of late head of military government, General Murtala Ramat Muhammed sent to the national Episcopal conference of Roman Catholic Bishops, held at Onitsha on September 9-14,1975. which read,’For too long we have paid lip service to the issue of re moulding our society,far too long we have talked glibly in the past of the birth of a new nation while our nation continued to burn leaving big scars on our image as a people’.

Professor Obiozor further cautioned that  the current situation in Nigeria calls for critical thinking, reflection to avoid the prophecy in late Chinua Achebe’s book titled, ‘NIGERIA- There was a country ‘ from becoming a reality and a national tragedy foretold.

He lamented,’Sub national consciousness or ethnocentric nationalism which is dangerous form of nationalism to national unity and empires has taken over Nigeria, the dream of Nigeria unity is receding and fading fast with violence, crises and conflicts’.

He stated,’The result of all these is rise of ethnic militias, agitation for secession, self determination,insurgency,banditryetc. These are historical protracted and unwinnable wars by nations and empires and there will be no exception. And among every other issue in contest in Nigeria today,this situation has produced the state of insecurity throughout the country. Today,Nigerians have no place to hide and also since there is nothing new in history,History has solution for these  national problems.

The Ohanaeze President General urged the Federal government to learn from history by not fighting an unwinnable war  against nationalism but  seek peaceful options , which according to him are the only  solution that guarantees national unity and peaceful co -existence’.
He warned the federal government not to consider the use of force in resolving the present national crises,stating records from history has proved that the use of military and violence to solve national question leads to further national question, anarchy and inevitable disintegration.

Professor Obiozor commended the South East governors on the birth of it’s zonal security outfit known as ‘Ebubeagu’.His words,’Ohanaeze Ndigbo wish to congratulate the Governors for this milestone and assure them of the support of Ndigbo any where and every where for their efforts towards the security of Alaigbo. Also we congratulate them for their emphasis on ban on open grazing across Igbo land’.

‘Once more,I state that there is no ‘No Man’s land in Igbo land. Land is a very sensitive issue in Igbo land because land has owners including some deities. Those encroaching on land in Alaigbo are provoking our people and our deities’.

Answering question’s on whether the newly formed ‘Ebubeagu by South East Governors will not clash with the Security pressure group known ‘Eastern Security Network’ which claims in it is acting on the interest of security of the zone, Professor Obiozor stressed any group which really have the interest of the Igbo nation as it’s watchword will not exceed boundaries,instead will collaborate ofr the collective interest of the Igbo nation. He said that Ohanaeze Ndigbo as the parent body of all Igbo socio cultural groups will sit back and watch and note where each of the group goes wrong before  comments.

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