LASU 77 Inaugural Lecture: Prof Wusu explores gift of nature as underbelly of societal wellbeing

From Cyriacus Nnaji, Lagos

Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences of the Lagos State University (LASU), Onipede Wusu has stated that society’s wellbeing is dependent on the quality utilization of the gift of nation.

Wusu took the position while delivering the 77th Inaugural Lecture of the institution on Tuesday, April 27, at Buba Marwa Auditorium, Ojo Campus.

Topic of the lecture was “Gift of Nature: The Underbelly of Society Wellbeing”.

He discussed the influence of sexual and reproductive behaviour on economic wellbeing in society, adding that Poverty is the function of sex and reproductive life.

The Professor was able to establish a link between sex, reproduction and their implication in wellbeing of the society.

Wusu said that if men and women get the sexual as well as reproductive lives right, it will wholesomely affect the wellbeing of the family, society and the country at large.

In his Recommendations he said that the society should support women to provide for themselves; adding that it will help the society; he also stated that Counselling and health centres will help the young people tremendously.

The inaugural lecturer went further to advise that the older generation should not take advantage of the young people, in the area of aristo. They should not lure them because of money and material things.

He said that teaching of sex education is imperative and will be of tremendous assistance, adding that the use of contraceptive, either local or otherwise should be well encouraged.

Wusu maintained that Gender revolution is also affecting sexuality, he said that young ladies are now asking why sex is attached to marriage, while some ladies patronise the older generation, which he called ‘aristo’, because of what they gain from such illicit affair, says Prof. Wusu

He also insists that the Mass media has equally influenced the sexual behaviour of young people in the society. He said findings have shown that those who are exposed to mass media early frequently engage in sex, according to a research. He however added that Mass media, on the other hand, offer some level of protection.

Wusu disclosed that in the course of his research, he found out that an average Nigerian is religious, he also queried the actual role of religion in sexual behaviour of young people; he came to the conclusion that the religions only advise the young people against multiple sex partners. He then challenged the churches and the mosques on how they are making impact as regards sexuality.

The inaugural Lecturer disclosed that according a survey he carried out in 2010 at LASU and UNILAG, he said 63.1% and 72% of males and females respectively reported that they have lost their virginity. Their ages were around 18 and 19. He acknowledged that the older people exposed the young ladies to sex because of what the young ones will gain: money and other things.

Poverty and peer group influence are factors that make young people fall for older ones. He added that broken homes, drugs, too are real factors.

He said that some of the consequences of unguarded sexual behavior  are HIV/ AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted childbirth, inability to contribute to nation building.

He said even in marriages frequent pregnancies contribute to population growth and with comes dangers of poverty among others.

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