Ndigbo will not support break up of Nigeria,says Ohanaeze

From Maurice Okafor,Enugu
The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide,Professor George Obiozor, has called on the Federal government to engage all Nigerian groups through their various leaders in an urgent dialogue as a means of resolving the present imbroglio threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria as one nation.He said that dialogue is what all patriotic Nigerians are asking for,stating that Ndigbo as a race will not support ‘break-up’ of Nigeria.

Professor Obiozor made the clarion call at a press conference on the state of the nation, held at Ohanaeze National secretariat, located at No 7 Parks avenue,GRA, Enugu.

He stressed that the nation’s well wishers and the international community is expecting the nation’s leadership to resolve the present national crises but not with military action. ‘It is time for peaceful action and dialogue not war and destruction’,he stated.

He stated further,’Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide calls for a dialogue to resolve the present national crises. The federal government should acknowledge that because of the reality of Nigerian irresistible pluralism, it is always preferable to go for dialogue instead of force’.

‘Majority of Nigerians prefer unity to secession or separatism. They want Justice,Peace,Equity and Fairness. The golden rule of do unto others what you would like done unto you is complimentary and inclusive governance’.

The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo cautioned that the use of military and violent means to solve national problems often leads to national  fractionalisation,anarchy and eventual or inevitable disintegration.

He urged the federal government to realise the fact that no secessionist group is capable of defeating Nigeria. But with dialogue the reason for our corporate existence can be seen and understood by every group. Professor Obiozor cautioned that it is a historical fact that where injustice bec omes rule of law,resistance becomes a duty or an obligation.

Commenting on the stand of the Igbo nation as regards to the prevailing crises, he said Ohanaeze Ndigbo categorically do not support break up of Nigeria, but Ndigbo will not be victims of the nation’s unity.

His words,’Ohanaeze Ndigbo wants to make it categorically clear that Ndigbo will not support break up of Nigeria,but Ndigbo will not be v victims of Nigeria’s unity. In this context, Ohanaeze Ndigbo world wide consider as unfortunate the implications of the President;s statement. The last time I checked  or heard a President speak of [shock and awe] was reserved for the enemy,not the citizens’.

Professor Obiozor cautioned igbo Youths involved in violence to desist from such,stating there is nothing to celebrate in violence.’We cannot change our lots and situations by ourselves and provoking hatred amongst ourselves,raining insults and abuses on ourselves and declaring war against those who disagree with your own ideas and approach to resolving our common problems’.

The Ohanaeze President General welcomed the idea of observing May 30 every year as a public holiday among the Igbo nation, to commemorate the Igbo fallen heroes especially the 1967 genocide that preceded the Nigerian civil war.

He stated,’It is imperative and proper for Ndigbo to remember Ndigbo and others who died across the country in the genocide or civil war in Nigeria from 1967 to 1970′

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