Only Ugwuanyi can return the fortunes of PDP – Prince Nnah

By Myke Uzendu, Abuja

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Marcel Nnah, has commended the Governor of Enugu State, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, for taking government closer to the people through the sustainance of development centers, saying he is the only governor that can restore the fortunes of PDP.
The PDP Chieftain speaking with our correspondent on Sunday  dismissed the rumor in some quarters that the governor is in secret talks with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APac) and may abandon “the umbrella party”.
“His Excellency is a man of the people and he runs an open door policy. His disposition towards peoples plight will show you in clear terms that he acts without prejudice. “If a man can act without prejudice, then I don’t think that anybody can fault him. 
“It is only him that can turn around all the afflicting situations of PDP in any state. Watch out the PDP congresses he organised outside Enugu State how it turned. “He is the only governor you can call at any time and you will get him on phone, he doesn’t discriminate. 
“Going through the trajectory of those governors decamping from PDP to APC, you will see that their acts never brought any goodies to their states. All those that decamped from PDP will find their way back to PDP” he said.
Prince Nna who was commenting on the reappointment to sole administrators of the 68 development centres in the state said that the governor understands fully the principle of separation of powers and is in a hurry to get development close to the people hence creation and sustenance of the development centres.
The PDP chieftain said that the governor understands the principle of separation of powers and has established the centres to close the governance between the people and the local government.
“If you look at the administrative style of His Excellency, you will genuinely agree with me that he understands when to politic and when to govern. He is someone that understands the importance of separation of powers and he has always maintained that not just when he came into power as the governor of Enugu State but it was also part of his anticidents when he was in the House.
“He is mindful of what he is bringing onboard for the people and at the same time mindful of the other components of governance he is bringing in.
“He understands that development centers are much closer to the grass root, to the people that elected him. He understands the gap between the local government and development centres” he stated.
Prince Nna expressed optimism that the governor will support the development areas despite the lean revenue profile of the state.
He said, “You know what the country was facing in 2015 when he was elected, absolute recession, Ugwuanyi defied it. So if he can do such magic at such a time, you will see how prudently he will utilize what he has inorder to give the administrators the full financial backing to develop the grass root.
“He knows that what is accruing to the state is meager in as much as the federation allocation system is concerned. So if such a prudent and humble manager like Gov. Ugwuanyi can be able to understand this in 2015, I want to assure you that salary payment is what he will maintain irrespective of the situation he finds himself. 
“He understands that human beings, food on the table is more important than construction of roads and other things. But he is carrying both side by side without allowing one to overweigh the other. So crises management in the finances of the state is well harnessed by him”.

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