DCP Balarabe Sule: All Hail The Indormitable Warrior Of Gaya Emirate

From Maduabuchi Nmeribeh, Kano

The greatest want of the world is the want of men, men who are true to duty like the needle to the pole: Mr. Balarabe Sule, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in-charge of Operations, Kano state Police Command, is among such men!
Apart from his uncommon exploits in crime-busting, DCP Balarabe Sule has, indeed, proved himself worthy in service to humanity and the society.

Meek, easy-going, but dedicated and consistent in his job, his mien nature has continued to infest, not only his subordinates, but his superiors, who have continued to hold him in high esteem, going by the way he handles his very demanding assignments deligently and professionally.

There is no gainsaying the fact that his reign as the Police Boss in-charge of Operations in Kano—the most populous cum complex state in northern Nigeria,  has contributed immensely in bringing down the crime wave in the ancient commercial city and its environs.

No wonder that very recently, precisely on July 10, 2021, the Gaya Emirate, one of the four new Emirates created by Kano state Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, played host to very important personalities such as top security chiefs, politicians, captains of industry, business moguls, technocrats, traditional rulers, leaders of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and men of good conscience, when the Emir of Gaya, His Highness, Dr. Ibrahim Abdulkadir installed DCP Balarabe Sule as the Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta of the Gaya Emirate Council.

By this revered title, DCP Balarabe Sule has become the Prime Warrior of the Gaya Emirate. He leads during the time of war, conquer, and holds the staff and flag of victory. Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta Gaya remains one of the indispensable counsellors of the Gaya Emirate, who not only advises the Emir, but also contributes immensely to very important policies and declarations that have direct bearing to the Gaya Emirate Council, its people, culture, customs and heritage. 

Shortly after his installation, Emir Ibrahim Abdulkadir, declared that his choice for the position did not come by lobby or accident, but as a result of his track records in selfless service to Nigeria, Kano state, Gaya Emirate, and the people. The First Class Monarch said, “your installation and position today as the Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta is by merit.

No body lobbied on your behalf, neither did you come asking for it. You are given this honour in  recognition of your selfless service to humanity and our community. I pray to Allah to continue to give you the energy, foresight, and wisdom to do even more to our community and the people.”

Though a direct in-law to Emir Ibrahim Abdulkadir, Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta Gaya, carries himself with unassuming simplicity, devoid of pride and show-off, even in his esteemed stool of royalty. He is not moved by his professional, traditional cum social status, as he moves on in his daily activities, relating to all with equal respect and dignity. 

In a chat with journalists over the weekend, DCP Balarabe Sule, said he sees himself as every other person around him, but always mindful of not the honour and valour his position carries, but what he needs to do with it to better the lives of the people and make the society a better and peaceful place for all.

He said: “Yes. I feel highly honoured to emerge as the first Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta of the great Gaya Emirate. I have seen my latest position as a Clarion call to duty. Everyday in my life, I am being reminded that I have more to offer to the Gaya Emirate, Kano state and Nigeria. 

“For a long time, I have been deeply engaged in community service, partnering with both individuals and corporate organizations to better the lives of our people, particularly, the youths. As you are aware, Gaya Emirate is an agrarian community. Our people are mostly farmers. But we have come to realize that we need to do more by expanding the worldview of our people.

“Apart from supporting those who are in large-scale farming, we are doing a lot to ensure that our people are educated. In my little way, I support those who are willing to go to school. I also support those who are eager to acquire skills and become employers of labour. I also do my best in securing employment opportunities for the unemployed. Just as you know, we are also doing our best to ensure the security of lives and property of our people.

I make bold to tell you that just as Kano has remained peaceful, Gaya Emirate has become the most peaceful kingdom in the state, because of the strategy we are using in the Emirate Council, anchored on the principles of Community Policing.”

He further stated that, “with my position today as the Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta Gaya, I am expected  to project the image of the Emirate and put it on the right track in terms of security, economy, education, health, human development and social welfare.”

As the Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta Gaya, DCP Balarabe Sule holds the rank of a District Head. Not only that, his position as the Prime Warrior of Gaya Emirate makes his opinion and contributions to the development, welfare and projection of the Emirate indispensable. 

Even though he has continued to deliver veritably as a member of the top managment team of Kano state police Command, Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta is also not failing in carrying out his traditional responsibilities.

How does he combine these two taskfull assignments? Hear him: “though it is not easy, but with God, I have been succeeding. I do my job diligently as a senior police officer serving our great nation and ensuring that we maintain peace and order in Kano; I also carry out my responsibilities, diligently, too, as the Sarki Dawaki Mai Tuta Gaya. I attend palace meetings whenever I am needed, but if I am busy in the office, I always send a representative who will convey my contributions and come back with briefs.

“God has been faithful as He has continued to give me the grace, strenght and wisdom to carry on. I give Allah all the glory; and I am always grateful to the Inspector-General of Police, the Kano state Commissioner of Police, and other senior colleagues for their encouragement and support.” 

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