Exhibition arrangement of 4th CIIE begins as first batch of exhibits arrives

Photo taken on Oct. 18, 2021 shows the National Exhibition and Convention Center
(Shanghai), main venue for the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE). (Photo by Ji
Haixin/People’s Daily Online)

The first batch of exhibits for the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) entered the
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), main venue for the event, on the
morning of Oct. 23, marking the beginning of the exhibition booth arrangement work for the

These exhibits include a bending machine from Japanese company Amada Co., Ltd. as well
as a forklift truck and an electric tractor brought by German company Jungheinrich AG.

The bending machine, equipped with an automatic die changing system, saves workers from
traditional manual die changing and maximizes production efficiency, said an executive with
Amada, adding that this is the first time that the company’s bending machine has been
brought to a large-scale and comprehensive expo.

Jungheinrich AG’s forklift truck is mainly used for the manufacturing and storage of extra
long tubular products and sectional materials as well as conventional intensive storage, and
can increase storage efficiency by as much as 30 percent.

As of Oct. 23, 150 batches of CIIE exhibits had been temporarily imported via the ports of
Shanghai, which meant that 98 percent of the exhibits for the fourth CIIE had entered China.
All the exhibition areas of the fourth CIIE will start to build booths and arrange exhibits.
Relevant work is expected to be finished around Nov. 2.

The total exhibition area of the fourth CIIE exceeds 360,000 square meters, and the numbers
of enterprises as well as countries and regions expected to participate in the event all surpass
those of the third CIIE held last year, said Xue Feng, director of the Shanghai Foreign
Investment Development Board, adding that Fortune Global 500 and industry-leading
companies have actively signed up for the upcoming CIIE, with more than 80 percent of such
companies that participated in the CIIE continuing to take part in this year’s expo.

The fourth CIIE mainly comprises country exhibition, enterprise and business exhibition and
the fourth Hongqiao International Economic Forum, according to Ma Fengmin, financial
director of the CIIE Bureau.

This year’s CIIE will launch an online country exhibition for the first time. By applying 3D
modeling, VR engine and other technologies, the online exhibition will enable countries to
showcase their development achievements, leading industries, culture and tourism
development, as well as representative enterprises via pictures, videos, and 3D models in
digital pavilions. About 60 countries have confirmed their participation in the online country
exhibition, which was launched on a trial basis on Oct. 13.

The business exhibition of the fourth CIIE, which includes six major exhibition areas, is
expected to accommodate nearly 3,000 companies from over 120 countries and regions, many
of which will launch their new products, technologies, and services at the event.

The top five grain dealers, 10 automobile manufacturers, 10 electric companies, 10 leading
medical equipment providers, and 10 cosmetic brands in the world will all participate in the
fourth CIIE.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers of the CIIE contacted enterprises through both
offline and online channels, and employed big data to attract companies in a more
professional manner.

For the first time, the event has allowed exhibitors and relevant organizations to invite their
clients to be professional visitors of the CIIE.

A total of 39 trading groups and nearly 600 sub-groups have been set up for the event. Over
2,700 buyers took part in 18 online and offline roadshow activities of the fourth CIIE, and
more than 200 exhibitors have got in touch and concluded deals with over 500 purchasers
during pre-expo supply-demand matchmaking conferences.

So far, 310,000 people from 90,000 organizations have registered to participate in the
transaction and procurement at the fourth CIIE.

The fourth Hongqiao International Economic Forum will include a main forum and 13 sub-
forums, which cover hot topics in frontier fields and industries including health economy,
green development, consumption upgrading, digital economy, advanced technologies,
agricultural development, intellectual property and finance.

A high-level forum marking the 20th anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade
Organization will also be held as a part of the fourth Hongqiao International Economic

Guests from home and abroad are expected to attend the forums online or offline, contributing
wisdom to promoting world economic recovery and building a community with a shared
future for mankind.

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