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Our Leaders should fear God and also rule in the fear of God, Pastor Muoka urges Leaders

Hope for the Needy, a popular annual programme of the Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry took place between Saturday, November 20 and Sunday, November 21, 2021 at the international Headquarters of the church in Lagos State; there were signs and wonders as witnessed by avalanche of testimonies. Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the General Overseer of the church, used the occasion to speak on issues relating to the church and Christendom generally. CYRIACUS NNAJI has the report:

This is Hope for the Needy, an annual programme; every programme has its uniqueness, what is unique about this year’s progarmme, Hope for the Needy?

The point is that every year there is advancement, this year, you can see the turnout is far greater than what we used to see, and there are special miracles, signs and wonders, the miracles this time has advanced to another level, what we did not experienced last year we experienced it this year. Just yesterday we had 27 years born blind got his eyes open, a wonderful thing that God almighty has done, adding colour to this week programme, which makes it quite different from others. God is doing a lot to His own glory, we give Him the glory.

The 10 billion soul mandate, can you let us know the level you have gone in achieving that mandate?

By the special grace of God I want to let you know that the ministry has entered all the continents of the world and it is spreading, and we have by his grace through the media, through the internet, and others we have been able to capture multitude of souls all over the world, as we are here today, thank God for technology, what we are hearing today, people are calling from all over the world, China, America, Saudi Arabia, I believe the world has been affected, they have heard us, and we are still travelling, and we believe that the 10billion soul mandate must be realized.

Presently Nigerians are suffering, they are in need because of economic situation; that means we are all in need, what is our hope?

Well Jesus Christ is our hope, in fact God packaged all the blessings that was lost in the Garden of Eden and put it on Christ to give back to humanity. And I want to let you know that whoever that is present here all the need of the people shall be met, no matter what they are passing through, God will bless them, spiritually, physically, material and otherwise, God will meet there need, after this programme they will go out to the public, they shall be different from others because their need have been met by heaven.

I understand that the usual Mgbidi Crusade which holds annually is now changed to Lagos Experience, what informed that decision?

As you know the bible says that those that are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God, we are led to have this programme this year, and God must have a reason, we are going to have it on the 6,7,8 and 9 of next year, the point is we can’t be having it here and be having it there except there are people that are going to view it from other places, the issue is that we are going to have Lagos Experience.

Do you believe there is persecution against Christians in Nigeria, if so, what is the reason for the sudden removal of Nigeria from list of countries where there are persecution against other faiths?

Well I am going to talk about the end time, the bible says perilous time shall come and at end time persecution has been prophesied that it is going to take place all over the world. And if it is taking place anywhere we are just seeing it as fulfillment of the scriptures. So all I want to do is, I, by the special grace of God believe in the word of God, so if there is persecution anywhere in the world, it is according to the word of God. So I don’t know if there are people that recognize it or not, anybody that reads the bible knows that there is persecution all over the world according to the prophecy of the end time, so if somebody doesn’t know about it, I don’t have anything about that, I only believe in what the bible says.

At this point in the history of our nation, what would you like to advise our leaders?

My advice to our leaders in Nigeria is that everyone should have fear of God. They should also rule in the fear of God. They should understand that except the lord build the house, the builder builds in vain, have fear of God, submit to God and God will take care of the nation and he will meet us at our very needs.

In the forthcoming Lagos Experience, who and who are we expecting and I will like to know how the church is reaching out to the less privileged?

The crusade is for all, and we are expecting everybody to be there, beside that, the needy, we have an arm in the Lords Chosen, our welfare department that cares for the needy, they meet people that have challenges, and go to meet their needs, so that is the arm for special needs.

Senator Rochas Okorocha is clamouring for presidency and there is already a group of bishops and archbishops that are already supporting him, sir do you think he is a credible candidate come 2023?

What I want to let you know is that I am not a politician and so it is only politicians that can determine if he is a credible candidate or not, so as long as I am not a politician, I cannot say this or that because I am not a politician.

The Mgbidi Crusade has been a worldwide event, which nobody wants to miss, now it is being taken to Lagos, many people will be losing one or two things, secondly there will be doubts if it is as a result of insecurity in Imo state, how are you going to defend that?

Well whatever we do we do all to the glory of God; we don’t do anything to please man, we do everything according to the will of God, and the will of God is not the will of man. So whatever God has decided to do, we are going to work according to his pace. So that is where I am standing.

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