By Mike Akubueze

For the past few days now I have been in emotional turmoil occasioned by the speed this Coronavirus is ravaging the world . Yes I used capital letter ‘C’ in starting the word coronavirus: this is because am so scared of this shit and would like to bribe it anyhow and anyway I can so that at least my family and I won’t be in it’s bad book.

The world is at war with itself unfortunately many people including our leaders are treating this disease with kid gloves. It baffles me hearing people saying the disease is not in Nigeria that Obasanjo said this and that . Some went further to suggest or insuniate that this is a ploy for our respective governments both at the Federal and state levels want to use to embezzle money. To me ,that is the most idiotic statement anyone who is a Nigerian can make at this time. I said this because we are all aware that our leaders have been embezzling our common wealth and common patrimony with or without coronavirus. There was no coronavirus when Orji Uzor Kalu, Rochas,Okezie IkpeazuBabachar Lawal,Lucky Igbinedion, James Ibori and even Obasanjo filtered our money. Please lets disabuse our mind from believing such nonsense.
Some said that our wether will kill it before it spread . This is hogwash brethren .

In case you don’t know because you chose to be watching only African Magic or Zee World,hear it now: COVID-19 is here with us. From two reported cases last week to 30 as of this morning including the son of Atiku Abubarkar and other high profile cases .

By this time last month,Italy and Spain were battling with one and two cases respectively. But as of today Italy has recorded more deaths than China where this virus originated from while Spain follow suit.
Italy is no more burying people due to no more space and on Friday last week,they resorted to be using military tanks to convey dead bodies for creamination yet no more space for that again. Mortuaries in Italy are filled to the brim. Dead bodies littered the streets.

The world is at war with itself. Let’s us follow the simple instructions from the government rather from your pastors . Remember your pastors or imam will not be there for you when you contact this disease. In as much as I believe we need prayers now more than ever ,but we should be cautious. Nothing stops us from praying from our closest and God will still hear us.

The fact is this: by this time next month,many of us will die from this disease. This is a fact . You and I know how our hospitals look like and what our medical personnels can do. There will be no magic from anyone here. If America, Europe and China were not able to save their People from this rampaging evil virus ,then you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that it will hit Nigeria nay Africa badly.

Personally,me and my household are taken the precautionary measures as advised by the government and WHO. But after taken this measures and still death want to come then it means that is the way I was destined to die. Death is inevitable but no one want to die from preventive disease.

On a personal note, because I want to make Haven when I die,I am now a new creature. I have mended my ways with my Chi. I have forgiven those who offended me in one way or the other . I have repented. God save my soul.

Nevertheless,the good news is that if we all didn’t die before May or June this year,there will be vaccine for it.

*Akubueze is the President and Founder of Asaigbo Foundation

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