Abuja branch Immaculate Heart Secondary Girls College Inaugurate their new EXCOs

By Jonathan Lois

The President of Immaculate Heart Girls Secondary School Aba Abuja
branch, Mrs. Chioma Okafor, has called for unit among the members in
the chapter to ensure progress and development of their Alumni ahead
forthcoming coming 60th Anniversary next year.,

Mrs. Okafor made this call during the immaculate heart girl’s
secondary school Aba Abuja held their first inaugural meeting with the
new executive and members of the Alumni of the chapter in Abuja.
According to her, I’m humble and I know that the good God in whom we
trust as a team will see us through, we are a team and we are a strong
team, I want to urge every of us, that we are all part of this move
and the major aim is to touch our various lives and also touch the
lives of our Almamata.

Okafor said While urging members to unite and see themselves as one
family, she said, “we are going to move forward and the gate of it
shall not prevail, from today please I want to urge all of you to let
the past be the past, I do not want to know who you are, what you
have, where you are coming from, how pretty you are, how elegant you
are but what I want to know is that power of love that is flowing out
of you and with love we will conquer all in the name of Jesus”.

In her remarks, the Vice president Mrs Ijeoma Okoronkwo also stressed
the need for love and unity among the members in the overall interest
of the members and their old school in general

Said they are overwhelmed by the love and support you show and indeed
it showed us that each everyone us wanted a change somehow we
communicated it well.

At the last meeting we had that was the election, you spoke and we
heard we are going to work together. It is a new day I call us all to
work in love put behind all the days of quarrel and match together I
know and I’m sure that if we work together nothing we break us I
believe the Bible says three quote work together it is very difficult
to break so we are going to join ourselves in love and pick our
projects or purpose I believe you are people of purpose and for you to
be here I know you are all people of purpose so we decide what we want
and push towards it and by the grace of God we are going to achieve.
Gone are the days where we hear quarrel, I do not know how to gossip
and I do not partake in it and I’m sure we do not.

Mrs. Okoronkwo said it is a new day like I said before we are going to
work together and we are going to build together and at the end of the
day IMMAHACO will be better for it.

In the order hand the PRO of the branch Ihuoma Nwadioha, express her
gratitude and appreciate everyone who make time to attend the
Inaugural meeting for 27th September 2020, as the EXCOs assured us of
their commitment to build a stronger and better alumni in which our
President and her amiable Vice President messages assuring us of new
face of Our alumni having great team to ensure all our goals are

during her speech, Chioma Okafor said, today is our first official
meeting and myself and VP Mrs. Ijeoma Okoronkwo, I cannot do without
and the executive body of this group ALUMINA and as a team we are
going to work together, for the fact that you trusted us and elected
us into position we want to let you know that we are not going to let
you down in any areas, one key thing I want to promise us is that our
Amamata we feel our impact, I’m not a noise maker but with God on our
side we are going to do something tangible that the whole world will
hear and marvel in the name of Jesus and I want to use this
opportunity to thank sister grace for honoring this invitation I’m
delighted and all the seniors here sister Chima Akpatan and our ALGON
VP who make things to happen I do not think without her this would not
have happened today I really celebrated you.

The EXCOs are assuring you all a specific, measurable, Attainable,
Realistic and Timely projects that will create impact in our school.

Yes. It was indeed a successful outing and we appreciate all your
positive contributions. We say a big thank you especially to Sister
Pat spouse who has always be there for us, we appreciate you Sir. We
ensure to major on major things that will yield Goodwill and better
Friendship to us all through Teamspirit, teamwork and dialogue to be
beneficial to us.

We love you all and hope to see all your beautiful faces again. Indeed
today’s meeting was highly commendable. We are Amazons indeed. We can
do it. Yes we can build that Alumni of our dream.

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