JOS KILLINGS: Northern Group demands justice, cautions religious leaders

Following the recent killing of unarmed travelers in Jos, the Plateau state capital, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), has said it will not tolerate any further ambush and attack on the region’s highways.

The groups, called for a thorough investigation, arrest, and prosecution of the those behind the Jos incident that claimed 22 lives.

Spokesman of CNG, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, stated this at a press briefing in Abuja, cautioned political and religious leaders against making unguarded remarks that could instigate unnecessary reprisals.

He said, “The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has taken stock of the incessant attacks and unrelenting deadly highway ambushes and cold blood massacre of innocent Nigerians travelling through most Plateau State communities and major highways.

“CNG notes, especially with utter perplexity and concern the recent incident when unarmed Muslims who were in a convoy of five buses were waylaid at Rukaba, Jos, forced to disembark and dozens of them killed in cold blood. The harmless passengers were returning to Ikare, Ondo from the annual Dhikr prayer in Bauchi when they were waylaid by the notorious Irigwe Christian militia.

“As the representative of various interests groups from Northern Nigeria, the CNG has watched and studied these events carefully leading to the inevitable observations that main actors in the perpetuated highway ambushes and killings have been left on the scene over the last decade to exploit the huge vacuum in the government’s political will and capacity to arrest the escalation of avoidable conflicts.

“With matters having reached a point whereby silence has become complicity and inaction no longer an option, CNG hereby makes the following stand of ours known:

“We categorically warn the perpetrators of such highway murders and their sponsors that people’s patience has reached the point where any further ambush and attack would not be tolerated henceforth.

“We demand a thorough investigation, arrest and diligent prosecution of the criminals that block and kill innocent travelers on such public highways as the Rukuba junction in Gada biyu, Abuja and Barikin Ladi roads in Plateau State and other locations in Kaduna and Benue States.

“We, also, demand full investigation into the roles being played by the utterances of some political and religious leaders in fanning the embers of violence in parts of northern Nigeria and elsewhere.

“We demand action from the federal government to ensure a permanent end to the incessant highway attacks, including the arrest of traditional rulers and all elected representatives from the communities that harbour the terrorists, and where resistance is shown, the communities be demolished and replaced by military posts.

“We demand the promulgation of special penal laws for the punishment of such offences that involve the ambush and killings of innocent public highway users.
“We demand the setting up of special courts for the trial of those involved in such unjustifiable blockade and mass murder of innocent civilians.”

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Ezekiel Okeke August 18, 2021 at 15:16

The so-called CNG, NEF, ACF, JNI, NSCIA are defeated fulani criminals from Guinea.

The Plateau operation is political engagement against 1804 fulani caliphate with its emirates and fulani criminals from Guinea. Fulani criminals from Guinea which used 1804 fulani caliphate with its emirates to dominate northern natives politically, used northern natives to dominate southern natives politically and stole wealth of this territory natives, frustrated economic developments of this territory natives to make this territory natives poor and keep them under fulani rulership.

We this territory natives which owns the land have defeated 1804 fulani caliphate with its emirates the way we defeated 1914 amalgamation of British bandits in 1960. We’re now the government over our God given native lands in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states. Hausa people, Kanuris etc. of the north will be traditional rulers, religious leaders, political office holders etc. over their God given native lands under their sovereign states. Southern natives will have democratic capacity under their sovereign states to fix their lands, economies.

Natives of the six geopolitical zones under interim governments of their sovereign states, must establish embassy in Russia Federation etc. of Southern Countries Union now to coordinate military and diplomatic operations for their sovereign states.

Defeated fulani criminals must find their way back to Guinea- dead or alive in this 2021 the way defeated British bandits find their way back to Britain in 1960. Only the Sword decides.


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