X-Raying Many ‘Sins’ Of Today’s Politicians

By Fred Nwaozor

The last time I checked, there were tremendous ‘sins’ being committed, on a daily basis, by most politicos found in this part of the global community – particularly Nigeria.

We can’t boldly deny the conspicuous fact that the physiognomy of the Nigeria’s political terrain is freckled, yet millions are carried away by frivolities rather than being disturbed about how to eliminate the fathomless freckles.

It’s not anymore news that Nigerian politicians have from the onset been seriously feeding on the electorate’s ignorance, that, it has seemingly become not unusual to witness a scene whereby the former would be seen inducing the latter to support him at the polls with a mere peanut.

Insincerity has abruptly become synonymous with most politicians in this part of the world. They continually, especially during electioneering era, tender speeches they do not really mean. They pleasurably do so with the sole aim of luring the ignorant, or perhaps vulnerable, electorate into their nets.

This set of people is deceitful. They have inadvertently, or probably knowingly, seen deceptive utterances or actions as acceptable. They invariably nurture such perception, believing they would never be found wanting at any time because are ignorantly of the view that power revolves around them.

An average practising Nigerian politician is desperate, hence at all times displays actions that are inimical to humanity. Owing to this kind of lifestyle, which has apparently been absorbed as a norm by the actors, many end up committing all sorts of atrocities in their bid to secure victory during elections. The funniest part of this feature is that the persons who bear it see their desired political positions as their birthright.

Our present days’ politicians, unlike in the past, see themselves as businessmen instead of stewards, hence would continue to see any position they are occupying as their vineyard. Once they clinched any post they had been clamouring for, the first thing they do is to hurriedly host a revelry with the notion that the days ahead would witness tremendous harvest.

They are arguably not conscience-driven. Those who practise these dance steps are ostensibly so myopic that they have apparently forgotten the Law of Karma. To them, since they are in charge of ‘every law’, there’s absolutely no other law that can turn/work against them. This is the reason they often individually murder their consciences.

Though virtually every active and practising politician domiciled in the country is made up of these uncalled qualities, we ought not to forget in haste that there’s still a few that strongly believes in doing the needful although some tend to be negatively influenced in the long run.

Time has conspicuously arrived for our politicians to note that it pays to be ingenuous and do the right thing, and that the pains that accompany a fake life cannot be overemphasized. Hence, they are expected to wear good qualities like clothe.

Good and dependable politicians are delight to serve the people and consider themselves as servants. They therefore see the people as their paymasters. They represent the hopes, aspirations and the interests of every citizen in the concerned society.

A Politician’s idiosyncrasies are his characters that are natural while some of the qualities are as a result of external influences. Promising politicians’ qualities are often backed by skills, experiences, intelligence, and integrity. All combined together to achieve their goals. The best qualities of a politician are honesty, God fearing and loving.

A good politician captures the essence of truth, displays sincerity, candor as well as practises what he/she preaches. He makes decisions and accepts responsibility for his words and actions. He makes promises and keeps them. He’s somebody people rely upon. He loves people with all his heart, might, mind, soul and always striving to help them.

A good and responsible politician ought to appear as the image of his creator. He gives high regard for morality. He’s law abiding with no tendencies to corrupt even a single cent or kobo. The greatest strength of a good politician is deriving joy in serving people and not to steal tax payers’ money. He acknowledges that a fulfilling and meaningful life is created through service to others.

To be an effective politician, your followers must have trust in you. And the very best way for a politician to build trust is to display good sense of characters and qualities composed of values, ideologies, traits and skills. Thus, a good politician should be a well disciplined personality that understands the language of selfless service.

Among all, a good political leader ought to be willing to appoint or contract people with great technical experience to solve the societal plights his administration contracted. Responsibility and party loyalty is another good quality of a responsible politician in a democratic state. A responsible and real politician is nearer to his people and always willing to meet them to comprehend their problems.

Only fake politicians are seen by voters when an election is near or change parties as footballers change clubs. They will after taking the oath of office with the Holy book and lousy thanksgiving services, use their powers against the people’s interests rather than for public good, making them become barriers to the progress of their citizens.

This unfortunate scenario ought to unequivocally majorly blamed on the electorate who have ‘shamelessly’ chosen to stick to frivolities when expected to concentrate on priorities. The cankerworm is equally partly blamed on the officials of the electoral umpire who in most occasions choose to call black thing ‘white’.

These politicians who have ‘sinned and come short of God’s glory’ still have the privilege to seek for forgiveness by ensuring they henceforth become repentant creatures. Tomorrow might be too late as it is popularly cited in the religious clime.

The good news is that, Nigerians are damn ready to forgive them if their remorse is truly candid. Think about it!

Comrade Fred Nwaozor
– Policy Analyst & Rights Activist –
National Coordinator, Right Thinkers Movement
Twitter: @mediambassador

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