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State of the country : President Buhari second term, a shame,disappointment – Hon Kasim

The only one Nigerian ,Honourable Kasim M.Kasim ,a former National President of the Democratic Youth Congress (DYC) and a Fifth assembly member of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly who took president Muhammadu Buhari to court, at the time issues surrounding his earlier promised to run a single term of Four years in office from 2015 to 2019 ,has expressed disappointment and dismay over the second term of the president ,saying the president is not the owner of his administration.

Honourable ,you were in the forefront of campaigning for Mr President second tenure,when you took a judiciary position compelling the president to re- contest,are you satisfied with the government?

Thank you very much, let me start by introducing my self.I am honourable Kasim Mohammed Kasim, a former house member of the Nasarawa state house of assembly,between 2015 until 2019.And also the former National president, Democratic Youth Congress for Buhari 2019,I was chairing that group that had over 40 groups,that supported Buhari ,after which we unanimously agreed to collapsed into a single group.And by that decision I initiated Presidential Support Committee(PSC) after ward we agreed to Senator Ali Madu Sheriff to be the National Coordinator and Later senator Godswill Alpabiu,the former governor of Akwa Ibom state ,now minister of the Niger Delta Ministry as the then National Coordinator of the group,with the sole aim of supporting the good initiative of the president ,having heard,read and followed his antecedent from the begining of his good intentions to lead the country.

It was on this premised that I single handedly took president Buhari to court,knowing that he has the constitutional mandate to re-contest for a second term, when others are of the position that he had promised to run for just a single term,so I had to hired Twenty Five lawyers(25) justice Nyako was the presiding judge of that case and by the court decision which says he has every constitutional right to re-contest for a second term,when we came back we collapsed all the support groups and supported him, to my greatest dismay the man we stood for is not the owner of his administration,and I am calling that Mr president should rethink and look back to those poor Nigerians who contributed money when he had nothing and supported his campaign ,which their reasons for doing what they did was because his manifestos was accepted,his manifestos were convincing that endear people of good will who were persuaded to give him the support,even at that time that he was not healthy,but we also prayed that God will grant him good health and the wisdom to lead the country.

But today with strength and good health Mr president is yet to give Nigerians a sense of belonging,the administration has no sense of direction.

Honourable ,to be clear on your point, when you said he is not the owner of his administration, do you mean or in the view that some persons are behind the failures of the administration?

Honestly I can not and do not know those persons behind the government, but we read and hear that Mr president is not the owner of his administration, which is quite disappointing,because is a shame to those who stood by me at that the of struggle,these people like former DIG Agah,former chief of staff to the governor of IMO,people like former senator Etoch, Ettah Giwa and Fati and others who were in the group to support him,which at the end of the day were frustrated and even sent out of the party.

Sir what was in this manifestos that convinced you about the president and his administration and if you don’t mind what did he do differently outside the manifestos that has culminated to your disappointment?

The major attraction about the manifestos was his drive to fight corruption, insecurity and see to the welfare of Nigerians. By creating job opportunities for the younger ones,by creating enabling environment for investors to come in and established ,which we are yet to see any foreign investment ,I mean we are yet to see any reasonable foreign investment in the country. As a matter of fact if this government had created jobs and with the pee nuts being distributed we will have appreciated .There is absolutely no enabling environment for the youths to showcase their talents. Insecurity in the country today is at an alarming stage, despite the much he has done but as a former general he is yet to do his best.” As a former general we are saying we are yet to see his best” I am not saying this because I am not appointed having worked hard for him ,no! no!! There are so many Nigerians that are also disappointed in the government,but is duty bound on some of us to talk,because we convinced and invited others to joined our interest in reelecting him for a second term.

Against the believed of your party,which has credited the president for having achieved in terms of fighting corruption, insecurity and job opportunities, the APC claimed the president has done well,how will you react to this?

As a matter of fact, the philosophy of our party is quite different from my expression. I am talking as a leader of a group that supported president Buhari. And also a local politician who lived with the local poor we are talking about. Hear their cries and pains every day. who don’t have the opportunity of seating in any flamboyant atmosphere as others,based on the knowledge of the scope of their lives.I am not against the party,I am still a member of the party,who have benefited from the party and have also done my best. Don’t read me wrongly,I am not saying the president have not done his best,but what we see and read of the government is a total disappointment. That he is not the owner of his administration.

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