Primate Ayodele unveils Warnings to the Nations 2020 Edition, speaks on CAMA Law

Founder and Primate of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has unveiled the 2020 edition of his Warnings to the Nations; he also spoke on Companies & Allied Matters Acts (CAMA) signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari, saying that churches are neither Public Liability Companies (plc) nor Enterprises, JOHN SILAS SOUTH WEST EDITOR, reports.

It has become a yearly practice for Primate Ayodele to gather media practitioners at his INRI headquarters at Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos where he unveils his publication, Warnings to the Nations. This year’s edition was definitely not different, being even much more spiced up as he unveiled two publications: Warnings to the Nations: A Collection of Divine Signals, 2020/2021 Edition wrapped up in 376 pages. He also presented another 608-page masterwork: ‘A Compendium of Ten Thousand & More Fulfilled Prophecies’ between1994 and 2020 which is a compilation of his Warnings to the Nations from 1994 till date.

“Speaking on the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) law assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari, Ayodele said “The affair of the church is professional, it is divine, it is going to be a big mistake for this government and this is going to hunt the government as well, because the government doesn’t need to fight God. They have not even settled Nigerian problems, why are they going to get solution for church matter?

“Christianity is not APC or PDP, why must they even bring somebody who does not know anything about God to take over the church? Is it EFCC or AMCON; they can only do so to Plc and enterprises, so church is not enterprises and not Plc,” Ayodele said.

He spoke further ‘The CAMA law is dead on arrival, because there will be only protest against the government, apart from taking them to court, I can go three hundred days to fast and fight government with my fasting, because it is wrong, that is why I said we don’t have a body that regulates Christianity, we need people that are very proactive, people that understand the rule and rudiments in the system.

“The tithe we collect in our church, we use it to take care of the widows, the orphans, and the vulnerable in society. I have it on record, first Sunday of the month, we distribute food to the less privileged, we have about 6,000 people that we take care of in this church, so if the government thinks that the church is a business centre, my own church is not a business center, nobody will come and take over my church from me, unless the person wants to face the annoyance of God.”

Ayodele added that there is no leadership in Christian Association of Nigeria because they are not proactive and they don’t have vision.

“There is no leadership in CAN; how do they pick the leadership in CAN? It is government who put them there, just to be able to control them. The church, people can talk but they can never be there. So the point is that the government stooges are the people administering the Christianity and they are getting it wrong. I don’t belong to CAN because they don’t have the stamina, they don’t have the strength. CAN leadership should be done through the process of democratic election.

“But you know they have selected ones who attend their meetings and when they attend their meetings they know who they wanted to use for their purposes, so government understands what it takes to have CAN in their pockets.”

He said that Buhari must sack the service chiefs as they have nothing to offer any more.

On issue of Biafra, he responded that Nigeria will break one day and that may bring about the actualization of Biafra.

While speaking on election matters in Nigeria, Ayodele said “With free and fair election in Edo State governorship election, Governor Godwin Obaseki will win but I foresee manipulation in the election.”

Ayodele gave Ondo gubernatorial Election to Akeredolu, he added that PDP will retain Bayelsa State.

The Primate said his church will be 27 next year and he has plans to celebrate the Press. “By the grace of God our congregation will be 27 next year, then we are going to celebrate it a bit louder, we shall empower pressmen and their wives and families of late pressmen will be assisted also.

“Today there is crisis in the world, we need God to resolve the challenges we are facing in the world, we also need God to help us move away from our sin, we appreciate the almighty God who started with us and many thanks to INRI family.“

He stated that Nigeria as a country needs prayers, “We need more prayers for the elections coming up in Edo, Ondo and in Osun. These are elections that will come before 2023 general election.

Speaking on Covid-19 he said that Corona virus will kill more corrupt people in Nigeria, adding that because there is so much corruption in the system government cannot take care of the pandemic. He stated that the virus will stay for a long time.

Still on corona virus he said “Doctors have failed; the government, health and world leaders they have failed, by not going through the lord for proper solution. Without God government will fail. The problem is that they are taking God for granted and when they are taken God for granted that is why they are grounded and the thing is not even over in Nigeria, it will be killing those who have corrupted the nation, to make Nigeria to be like this. It will take time for government to get solution. I said it earlier that corruption will kill Buhari Government, in this palliative there is corruption already and every day we see numbers, who are those people. Have they shown us the record, they don’t even show us the faces? They have not. So that is why the government has not handled the issue of Covid-19 properly, that is why we need God.”

Speaking on Omotekun, the Southwest Security outfit designed to fight banditry, he said “Omotekun is a good idea but quite unfortunately at the end of the day even the Omotekun themselves, you will see different things, there will be Omotekun to terrorize people, the Omotekun will be a temporary thing because in future you will see another Amotekun against Omotekun.”

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