Senator Chris Ngige, our source of sorrow and pain, says Alor Community

Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

Alor Community in Idemmili South local government area yesterday regretted being associated with the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige.

“Senator Ngige is terrorising innocent village folks, and has abandoned our village hall, transformer etc, even opposed to upgrade of our health center to a general hospital by Governor Obiano”, Alor people said in the letter.

The community said being associated with Senator Ngige rather than be counted all joy for them has turned out to be the source of their sorrow and pain.

In an open letter to President Muhammad Buhari ,the Community accused Senator Ngige of high-handedness, lawlessness, impunity and intimidation of the people of Alor.
They further accused Senator Ngige of choking then with his ministerial might negatively, adding, ‘ we can’t breathe’.

They however thanked President Buhari for appointing their son , adding, ‘ it is with utmost sense of gratitude that we the people of ALOR are writing to you, to first express, once again our appreciation for finding one of our own, Senator Chris Ngige worthy to be appointed as a two time minister. We are indeed very grateful for that and we express unflinching support to your government.

Writing further, Alor Community added: ‘However, regrettably
Instead of celebrating your government for its lofty achievements and legacies, such as the 2nd River Niger bridge, we are writing to seek protection from our son, Senator Ngige.

“We pray that you permit us to use this medium, with all due respects, to plead that you come to our rescue from the hell that your Minister of labour and employment, Senator Dr. Chris Ngige is subjecting the peace loving people of ALOR for so many years running”.

The Alor Community letter was signed by Hon Chris Okudo and Chief Dr Ben Udeze as President General Alor People’s convention and Onowu Alor (Traditional Prime Minister of Alor Kingdom.

The Community listed the litany of Senator Ngige’s nefarious and treacherous activities in their Community as thus:

“Ngige has been instigating disobedience to lawful authorities in Alor, through his point man, Uzoma Igbonwa who had served his term and an additional One year as the President General (PG) of Alor People’s Convention, against the dictates of the constitution.

“As a former governor, senator and a two time minister of the Federal Republic, Senator Ngige qualifies to be seen as a statesman and an elder, who understands the powers and limitations of the state and that of the individual, he has however chosen to play a game of division, hatred and disrespect to constituted authorities.

“At every village meeting or gathering, he publicly encourages those working with him to disregard any instruction or directive of the state government. He publicly boasts that the DSS, the police will always do his bidding.

“The duly appointed Caretaker Committee by the state government has been harassed, intimidated and dragged before the Police Headquarters in Awka, on several occasions. He also sends people to be intimidated at the Abuja police force headquarters, all in an attempt to intimidate the people who voted and defended him when he was abducted as a sitting governor.

“Elders of the town had approached Ngige on many occasions in order to allow peace to reign in the Community, but each group was rebuffed with threats of Federal might and police.

“Alor is littered with a lot of abandoned projects, purportedly awarded to him, they range from the uncompleted town union hall, which the community built up to 70% before he offered to complete it. The community in appreciation named the hall after him. But ten years down the line, the hall is yet to be completed even though there were allegations that money have been released for the project by the federal government.

“The Two (2) 30MVA substation sited in Alor is overgrown with weeds, while the only ICT Centre in the town he claimed to have been completed has no seats nor computers.

“Your Excellency, our community is hereby appealing to you to call your minister to order and urge him to use his position to bring peace to his community.

“It may interest Your Excellency to know that the Igwe of the Community HRH MacAnthony Okonkwo who Ngige swore to banish was among those who risked their lives to defend, fight and protect Ngige when his security were recalled as a governor.

“Ngige had continued to terrorize ordinary folks in the village. A village town crier was arrested and detained, flogged in his house for making announcement for the duly state government appointed Caretaker Committee and up till today the Youngman in question is still going through severe trauma as a result of that experience.
We are happy that today, our brother, Ngige has now recognized the governor of the state. We thank him for joining us to appreciate the good works the governor has been doing in the state and in Alor particularly.

“The Governor has upgraded our health Centre to a general hospital, though the Minister was opposed to the upgrade, the Caretaker Committee was dragged to the Police Headquarters Awka over this.

“The governor has also built the Obi Alor, he has built houses for widows through the wife of the governor initiative. The governor had also intervened to save our roads being cut off by erosion especially along Alor Abatete Road as well as dredging the silted river.

Alor Community concluded their letter thus: “Your Excellency Sir, while we appreciate the honour done to us by appointing our son, Senator Ngige as a two time minister, we regrettably wish to state that he is now like a fish bone in the throat of ALOR town that we cannot BREATHE anymore. We urge you to please help us so that the once peaceful town can BREATHE again before we all become ‘George Floyd’.”

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