The Wine in Senator Moro’s Cup

By Ali Adoyi

Permit me to make an allusion to the wedding in Canaan of the region of Galilee, with a particular emphasis on the first miracle of Jesus Christ when a limited amount of wine became surplus and sweeter.

I do hope that my inference that the wine in Senator Abba Moro’s cup is inexhaustible just like the one provided by Christ himself won’t be misconstrued and be tagged as heresy. It’s simply an allusion to the fact that we have a new sweet wine, so little but quenching our taste. Despite the current scarce resources, the performing Senator is not backing down. He remains the Moro that sees tomorrow.

That I have never had any reason to personally drink from this cup does not mean that I’m not thirsty for it. I long for this wine like everyone. But the Senator is only an individual making effort in sacrifice to satisfy those he represents.

The Senator had in his usual calm and intelligent disposition listened carefully to a recent appeal by one of his aides who reminded him of his promise to restore light to Owukpa, one of the largest districts in Ogbadibo LGA.

In his ”talk and do” characteristic, he ordered the immediate purchase of a transformer and other materials needed to bring Owukpa back to life. This was sequel to his visit to Owukpa when Yellow Fever sent the community to an unexpected nightmare. How many Nigerian Senators can move with such a speed to embrace a dying people amid an epidemic known to be transmissible?

Only a few can be this selfless. No wonder he took the darts and missiles after leaving office as Interior Minister, a position he held with so much honour. Detribalized Moro was dragged to court not only for working with the then government to create jobs but for not ignoring Benue people like other former Ministers from the State did. But God knows a pure and selfless heart. He was vindicated.

Moro made sure that under him, Benue benefited equally like other states across the country. It may sound like a fairy tale to those who don’t appreciate effort, but those who know what the performing Senator has done for them will forever remain grateful.

Story about Moro’s regular visits to local governments across Benue for project commissioning was like a mirage to even me until my community which was cut off from the national grid returned to the path of light. Moro’s light has returned to Owukpa. Moro’s light is now shinning across Owukpa with his latest effort.

So if you ask me tomorrow about Moro, I will simply say, tomorrow is bright with Moro. If I’m asked if this wine will ever be exhausted, I will say, because many yearn for Moro’s wine, it remains ever flowing. We want more of his sweet wine as this is just the beginning. Thank you Moro for giving us tomorrow.

Adoyi Ali writes from Abuja, Nigeria.

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