Injustice Personified: Anambra Chief Judge in Alleged Land Grabbing

The least has not been heard as the Chief Judge of Anambra state, Justice Anyachebelu is neck deep in a land grabbing mess with the Okposike Family of Onitsha community of Anambra state ably represented by Hon. Halord Ekwerekwu a member of the okposike family, is accusing the Anambra state Chief Judge, Justice Anyachebelu of authorising and overseeing the illegal and malicious demolition of his property.

In a petition dated 22 January 2021 , Hon. Harold Ekwerekwu said that the Anambra state chief judge, Justice Anyachebelu acted tyrannically on the 18th day of January, 2021 by personally supervising the demolition of his properties situated at the parcel of land known as No 10 B Residency Drive G.R.A. Onitsha accompanied by ADC to Anambra state Governor, Willie Obiano, One Mr. Chinedu a Chief superintendent of police and one Bar. Madueke amongst his entourage.

The said action was carried out under the pretence that the parcel of land belongs to the Anambra state Judiciary and that the Federal Government of Nigeria has no right over any land in the entire Anambra state and could not have surrendered it to the okposike family of Onitsha community or to any of their representative.

Hon. Harold Ekwerekwu attached in the petition documents/ copies of the lease agreement made in 1910 between the okposieke family as absolute owners of the vast land in question and the then colonial Government in Nigeria which transcend to today’s Federal Government of Nigeria for vast land in the Onitsha metropolis generally called G.R.A. for 99 years which has expired in 2009 and upon the said expiration, the Federal Government in an orderly manner started surrendering various parts of the said lands that includes premises known as No 10 B Residency Drive G.R.A Onitsha, to the family.

Hon.Harold regretted the corrupt actions taken by the Anambra state chief judge by acting on an ex-parte order obtained as far back as 2019 and refusing to notify him over it till recently after the demolition of his properties.

He said that the ex-parte order they were using to justify their actions is with a view to vilify his fundamental right to own properties.

Also, he lamented that the plaintiff in the said proceeding was named as ” The Anambra State Judiciary ” a non juristic person and it is most unprecedented to say the least, for a court to issue an order in the name of a judiciary when it is elementary.

Certainly, the Anambra State Judiciary is not a legal person and is incapable of suing or being sued and incapable of owning landed properties.

Moreover, Harold said that on the grounds of fair hearing, a judge of the same Anambra state Judiciary ought not preside over the matter as it is clearly a matter of person presiding over his own case, this is uncivilized he said; and it only happens in Nigeria and at present Anambra State

Nevertheless, Bar.Ekwerekwu said that the Anambra State Chief Judge claimed he had proposed constructing quarters for the Judges he intends to appoint in the future for the high court of Anambra state whereas some retired judges of the same high court of Anambra State still occupies judges quarters built for the Judiciary, then why new quarters are forcibly built by the Chief Judge on his plot of Land claiming to be Anambra States lands, he asks?

Further he said, that the Chief Judge wants to grab his land by intimidating him, by muscling him to chicken out of asserting his right to the said property in the name of Anambra Judiciary.

Why can’t he tell me that he just want to grab my land, he queried?

Perharps, with a view to manipulate their end of coveting my land in the name of Judiciary, they surreptitiously sought for and were granted an ex-parte order made 2019 which they now use to defend their indefensible action.

Did it not occur to the chief judge that it was totally strange to law that such an ex-parte order could never have been granted at the instance of a non- juristic person, Anambra State Judiciary? He asked!

Finally, Hon. Harold Ekwerekwu called on all Nigerians to join him in calling the Anambra state chief judge, justice Anyachebelu to order,lest his actions if unabated ,would further destroy the already bulldozed image of the Judiciary in the state, to the extent that law keepers are now turning into law breakers.

He clearly stated that the Judge’s actions is injustice personified and abuse of office and powers of an expected giver of hope to the common man.

See attached documents

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