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“The gods Are Not to Blame” play as directed by Kpodoh holds PH fans spellbound

Stage play of “The gods Are Not to Blame” as directed by Daniel Kpodoh and written by Ola Rotimi.

From Blessing Ibunge, Port Harcourt

“The gods Are Not to Blame” written by Ola Rotimi took the center stage in the garden city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on May 13 and 14 this year, at the prestigious The Arena event center. 

The play directed by Daniel Kpodoh  was a chilling taboo which began with jokes from a famous comedian Angel ‘D’ laff, later on  sonorous music as supplied by the drama group held the attention of the audience who graced the play.

The play gives the ageless story a new spin, with a fresh perspective that makes Ola Rotimi’s book a classic. 

Focusing on the Yoruba tradition, the play spotlights Yoruba gods, giving Sango, Orunmila, Ifa, and Ogun prominent roles throughout the book – as King Odewale, King Adetusa (Odewale’s father), Queen Ojuola (Odewale’s mother), Aderopo (Odewale’s brother), the Chiefs and other characters in the book refer to them often.

Odewale’s character as acted by Amaebi Ekiye, experienced different phases of confusion, almost painful in its helplessness, that the audience will become sympathetic to his plight, cursing fate for dealing him with such a heavy hand. 

One of the things the audience loved the most about the play was the infusion of the Yoruba culture, and how parables and incantations were stated. Odewale was in touch with his supernatural side, and was quick to call on Ogun, going so far as to swear on the deity which eventually led to his downfall. 

It was also an interesting play to see how Odewale’s destiny led him back home, especially when he turned out to be a good ruler of his people. The gods Are Not to blame is full of irony, despair, and disillusions. At the end, one is left with a ringing conclusion  that one can never outrun fate.

The play acted by DAl productions and the theater clan was a massive success with every act on stage giving a very good account of themselves which made the play a must watched any day.

Some of the dignitaries among the audience at the live play, were Pastor Olawale Arije, Pastor and mrs Olawale Arije, Pastor and mrs Abayomi Akinwole and Micheal kpodoh (art lord gallery).

Others were Michael Ogolo, Endy Ojo Abas, Deborah job, Kio london, Angel attah (angel the laugh), Kunle Tatafo, Dr Ovunda Ihunwo(NANTAP chairman Rivers State), Iyowuna Obomanu, Clarizza Tammy, Clarizza Tammy (KAFRICODIP), Sunday Edum and Florence Ekiye.

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