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APC Crisis : Oshiomhole begs for peace

*Pledges to reconcile his style with opponent to move forward

*As NWC agrees to withdraw all cases in court

By Ezeocha Nzeh

Relative may have returned to the ranks of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) National Working Committee (NWC) as the party has resolved to withdraw all pending cases against the members of the NWC in court

This is even as the returning National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole pleaded with his colleagues at the NWC to sheat their swords and give peace a chance for the party to move forward.

Oshiomhole, who addressed the media before the NWC meeting promised that he would take a new look to his style of party leadership and reconcile it with the style of his colleagues to move the party stronger, noting that the APC has remained stronger despite its challenges.

“I do understand that event of the last few weeks particularly arising from our last NWC meeting that was held on the 14th of January and since then, even if we pretend about it, the truth is we have had challenges within our system.

“But as one who has worked from one voluntary organisation, those things are not strange to me. What we will be strange is to have a governing party as large as our party coming from the background that we all come from – different background, different aspirations, etcetera, but we have bonded together by a shared vision of building a party that is based on the principle of socio democracy – pro people, pro poor, one that is committed to ensuring that the instrument of state is used to deliver the greatest good to the greatest number and that’s is why consciously our part chose to be called All Progressives. This party belongs to all progressives element in Nigeria society who wishes to join our party.

“What binds us together in this party is a lot more than the sum total of all the challenges that anybody can speak to

“I think that God is never wrong, He has allowed what has happened to happen so that we all can learn, everybody should re-examine his conscience, strengthen those bonds of friendship, bonds of solidarity and work as a family. I’m honoured to be able to preside here as chairman of this party and I believe that everyone of my colleague in the NWC is honoured out of millions of our members

Continuing he said, “So, today we have come here to remind people, members nationwide that this NWC is not divided. It is true we have had arguments. It true some tempers may have been high. It is true some people may have been provoked to try to approach the court, but it is also true that deep in our hearts no one of us wants to destroy our party.

“Let me also say that i am the first to admit that i am not the best chairman in the world and i will never be. But no one can fault the sincerity of my purpose. My style can only be my style. But, i recognise that i must reconcile my style to others so that we can meet in the middle of the road .

“I want to appreciate our president, with all the challenges he faced that he has time to listen to those who approach him with a view to ensuring that our party remains on course.

“I want to appreciate our governors elected on the platform of our party who regardless of whatever anybody feels, i have absolute respect for each and everyone of them and i have personal relationships with each and everyone of them. But, i also recognise that the fact of having personal relationships is not enough not to have personal differences and even suspicion. The weapon against suspicion is more dialogue and more dialogue. People probably need to be reassured that i am not capable of being bias by the very background that i come from, and i recognise that one tree can never make a forest.

“Let me reassure you that this friendship we have built is past a year and 9 months, the food we have shared, those jokes, those visiting of peoples homes, the other matter, you are on your own. I am a Catholic and I am guided by the doctrines of my faith,

“I didn’t come just to be a Chairman, I wasn’t unemployed and known you here was unemployed what brought us here is the fact that we have party that we have formed not to create divisions, “he noted

Also speaking at the end of the meeting, Oshiomhole noted that the NWC has decided to lift the suspension of the Deputy National Chairman, North, Senator Lawan Shuaibu, while noting that the Vice Chairman, North West Inuwa Abdulkadir has also been accepted into the NWC. He was however silent on the position of National Secretary, even as his preferred candidate for the position, Waziri Buhari was absent at the meeting.

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