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White people initiated my father to idol worship, says Onyeama

It probbably would shock the hundreds and perhaps thousands of people, including the convicts, and the acquitted, who had listened to the eminent Justice Charles Dadi Onyeama in the various courts, including the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Holland, that the legal icon “had atheistic disposition” and, indeed was initiated into Devil Worship by white people in England during his life time.

The Catholic Church to which Justice Dadi Onyeama belonged in England frowned at his neck-deep involvement in a secret society – Free Mason and Devil worship but perhaps, it was a situation the Church could do little or nothing to change, The Advocate was informed.

Eton College England-trained famous author, Dillibe Onyeama, one of the several sons of the late Judge, who made this disclosure in an interview with The Advocate, also gave a chilling account of how the then military junta of Buhari/ Idiagbon allegedly wanted to terminate Dadi’s life for reasons best known to the government.

Several years after the legal luminary transited to eternity, Dillibe has recently written and published his father’s biography entitled “DADI: THE MAN, THE LEGEND”, revealing quite a lot about the life of a reputable Judge who, though had always craved peace but was often having dozens of trouble on his way even in his home-front!

The public presentation of the book attracted so many important Nigerians to the Abuja venue. Even the Presidency sent representative from the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government.

Justice Charles Dadi Onyeama, according to Dillibe, never believed that it was right for British government to have granted independence to Nigeria at the time the country gained independence, because he doubted the ability and maturity of Nigerians at that time to manage their independence, a fact that vindicated him (Dadi) when the first military putsch occurred on 15 January 1966, sweeping away not only the then civil administration, but also the , Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, said to be Dadi’s only bosom friend, alongside others in the nation’s leadership.

“Justice Charles Dadi Umeha Onyeama, the first Nigerian, and second black African to be appointed a Judge of the International Court of Justice at The Hague, Holland, was a Judge of the High Court, Lagos and later Supreme Court Judge. He was a Legislator in the Eastern House of Assembly 1946-1951. Dadi was born on the 26th of April 1916 – precisely five days before the last day of the month. Dadi was the fifth of Chief Onyeama’s many children,” according to Dillibe, who added: “A local seer of great repute who was summoned by Paramount Chief Onyeama to make a prediction on the future of the infant Dadi painted a glowing picture of a child wonder in the making, who would exalt the Onyeama family name on a larger-than-life scale.”

Author Dillibe, who is an elder brother to the Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, gave an insight into the reason he wrote the biography of his late father, who he described as “a mystery man,” and “the mystic master of Igboland” even when Barrister Ikeazor A. Akaraiwe had already written a book on the jurist, entitled “Eagle On The Bench.”

Dillibe said: “Akaraiwe focused on jurisprudence mainly but my book focused on the man behind the legend, Justice Dadi Onyeama. Akaraiwe wrote on high-brow legal matters but I am looking at the human touch of this legend; how he conducted himself as a human being besides the legendary aura. That was the motivation. Dadi Onyeama deserved to be written about. He was also an exceptional human being, apart from being a judge. People after reading all the books on him in jurisprudence, very few people had an insight into the man himself.”

Road To Devil Worship/Free Mason Secret Society:

According to Dillibe, Justice Dadi was a very shrewd observer and he had the resources behind him, adding that when he went to England to study, he understood that the Free Mason was the power behind the British throne. “Yes, the Free Mason is a secret society and is the power behind the British throne and the American Government. If you go to the White House in America there you see the logo and emblem – the whole things designed there on the floor. It is the most powerful secret society in the world with membership cutting across the entire globe,” he said.

Dillibe also explained: “Dadi having gone there to study, they saw him and felt that this is a power to be invested in. The Free Mason likes to invest in the right people all over the world. And before you know it, he was at the top of the Free Mason. He rose to the top rank in the Free Mason, even as a young African. He was a good investor and the Free Mason opened door for him and his family.

“He invested in human beings and made sure that his children got the very best. He was shrewd, walked carefully and observed well and listened attentively; then he would make the right moves decisively.”

Why does Dillibe think that his father and Free Masons worshipped Satan or JAHBULON ?

He throws more light on the issue.

The biographer stated: “While many people attached the perception of devil worship to Freemasonry only by word-of-mouth reputation, it was in reality a global concept.

“The ‘Jah-bu-lon’ that is the precise designation for the supernatural entity worshipped by Freemasons was made up of three personalities: ‘Jah’ representing ‘Jahweh’, the benevolent god of the Christian and the Jews; ‘Bul’ representing the evil ‘Baal’, the pagan ‘god’ identified by the Israelites as Satan; ‘On’ representing Osiris, the ancient mummified ‘god’ of the Egyptian dead.

The overshadowing personality of this ‘Great Architect’, as the Freemasons refer to him in English, is ‘Baal’ – a situation that was publicly denounced in 1973 by top-ranking renegade Freemason Albert Pike. He made the following declaration: ‘No man or body of men can make me accept as sacred word, as a symbol of the infinite and eternal Godhead, a mongrel word, in part composed of the name of an accursed and beastly heathen god, whose name has for more than two thousand years been an appellation of the Devil.

“In his book ‘The Brotherhood’ Stephen Knight observed, ‘Yet that is exactly what advanced Freemasons are made to accept , and this is the deity they worship.’’

According to Dillibe, his father was quick to attain the coveted position of ‘Master Mason’ of the 3rd degree in England; and after a meteoric rise over the years , was selected by their all-powerful Supreme Council to climb the long rungs of the elevation ladder that culminated in the 33rd degree (‘Grand Inspector General’), ultimately attaining the 32 degree (‘Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret’). Towards the end of his life, he became one of the most senior members of the fraternity in Nigeria’s Igbo-speaking South-East, holding sway as their ‘mystic master’.”

Dillibe also saw a link between devil worship by world leaders and the endless violent crises in the world today. The biographer believes that Satan, to some extent, rules the minds of world leaders who claim they rule the world.

He said even when his father got to know that the secret society was into Satan worship, he still could not discuss such thing with any member of his family.

“But I as a journalist, was very, very curious and I did my own investigations and I was able to penetrate and find many, many things out – their greetings, handshake, ways of life etc. He was the Head of the Masonic Fraternity in the East. He won’t discuss it with anybody at all. He won’t discuss it with his children and people feared him for that.

“When people found out that he belonged to such secret society, people were very careful with him. The Catholic Church was not happy. So that’s the situation and this is Dadi’s life.”

When the Major Chukwuma Patrick Kaduna Nzeogwu-led military coup took place on January 15, 1966, and many of the casualties were among the leaders of the nation were non-Igbos, Dillibe recalled that what his father said in jest way back in 1948 about suspected Igbo ‘domination’ of Nigeria was vividly recalled by both the Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani as well as people from other tribes. Dillibe claimed that it was on the ground of that statement that the military dictator of Buhari/Idiagbon wanted to “cut their pound of flesh” for the many prominent non-Igbos who were killed in the Nzeogwu military coup.

At a point in his life, Dadi Onyeama was harassed and was allegedly going to be assassinated by security operatives – in fact, the National Security Organisation (NSO) put his name in the Black List on their Computer at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and apparently at other exit points.

Dillibe recalled how his father’s life would have been terminated by the military were it not for God’s intervention and that of Chief Chike Ofodile, then Attorney General of the Federation under Buhari, to whom Dadi Onyeama had cried out, after he had written a protest letter to the then Internal Affairs Minister, detailing his several horrifying ordeal in the hands of security men. Dadi had written to question why his international passport should be seized, his belongings turned upside-down in the name of security checks each time he arrived at the international airport in Lagos on his way from abroad, and his detention by security men without any explanation. The same fate was suffered by Dillibe because he shared the same initials with his father – Charles Dadi Onyeama and Charles Dillibe Onyeama!

Dillibe said: “Is a long story. If you remember in the book, “Dadi: The Man, The Legend”, I recounted an incidence that happened in the 1940s when he was a lawyer in Lagos. He had many friends in Yorubaland. And they were drinking. Then an article was published in a paper which was edited by Samuel Ladoka Akintola in which it was alleged that the Igbos were doing this and that, trying to take over Lagos, and dominate the place bla,bla,bla.

“And the article became a subject of heated discussion among Dadi’s circle of friends in the Island club in 1948 as they sat and drank and argued. All the Yorubas there were supporting the newspaper against the Igbos.

“Dadi felt what is all this; that these people have no justification for suspecting that the Igbos had bought the whole cutlasses in Lagos in order to violently kill all the Yorubas and take over Lagos so that they can dominate Nigeria. Dadi wondered how rational people could believe such rubbish. And when the argument became so heated, Dadi said ‘ok, you wait. Igbo domination is a matter of time.’ He said it in jest.

“But the next two days, it made front page headline in the newspaper, The Daily Service. The news was “Ibo domination of The Nigerian Nation a Matter of Time – Ibo Lawyer” The story raised so much dust and it was as if a tumult had hit the Nigerian state, raising cloud of controversy that has never been dispersed till this day. Nobody was happy, particularly the Igbos.”

*Culled from The Advocate

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