We are here to treat our guests as kings and queens theyare, says GM, Perfecto La Vila

By Cyriacus Nnaji

General Manager,Perfecto La Vila Hotel & Suites, situated in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, IfeomaChukwu, has stated that customers of the hospitality home are kings and queens.

Chukwu made thedisclosure in her office in a chat with the media on Monday.

She told hercustomers to come around, because Perfecto has opened for business, “We arehere to serve them; we are here to treat our guests as kings and queens theyare,” Chukwu said.

Perfecto La VilaHotel & Suites, an elegant contemporarily designed hospitality placedesigned with European style and complemented with local flavours offers 24hour room service, laundry and dry-cleaning, airport transfer services.

Perfecto hasother services that include but not restricted to Luxury rooms and suites,restaurant, swimming pool, gymnasium, meeting room, banquet hall, VIP bar,rooftop bar, pool bar, unisex salon, supermarket, etcetera.

According toIfeoma Chukwu, being a customer care business, the team of well train staff ofthe hotel is there to ensure the satisfaction of the guests. “We are here toattend to guests, generally it is a customer service thing, we are intoaccommodation, food and beverages; we are also into gym, swimming, laundering,and other things that come with.”

Chukwu whileasserting that the hotel commenced operation in February, 2020, said with thecoming of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hotel went on lockdown for two months,April and May, and resumed business on 4th of June.

On challengesconcerning government policies and multiple taxations, she said “You know wejust started, when we resumed from the lockdown, some of the tax people, theycame around and we have already sorted out, we paid our taxes.”

She also spoke on Post Covid-19 business plansof Perfecto La Vila as the pandemiccurve is flattening especially in Lagos “What we need to do again is to createawareness to bring back our customers, because, you know due to this covid-19some of them, they feel that when they come out and you know it is a publicplace, people come in and go out, they feel that If they come around they wouldcontract the Covid, so for now, as it is observed, everything is coming down.

“Since westarted again, you would have noticed it when you were coming in, you see handsanitizer and also water, without nose mask you don’t come in here, so theseare some of the things we have been doing. Now we have already sent messages toour customers that we are back,” Chukwu said.

On the securitymeasures put in place to insure guests enjoy their money in Perfecto, she said“Our hotel is very well secured, because we have security around, we also workwith police people to provide security for our guests.”

On some of thechallenges encountered since commencement of business, she disclosed that therewas no challenge. “There is nochallenge; just that due to this pandemic, some of our facilities, whererevenue do come from dropped. Like our hall, due to this pandemic, they limitedhaving parties, weddings, receptions, so our hall revenue dropped becausenobody is doing wedding, party, reception, that is the major challenge we arehaving here, but now that everything is coming down, everything will soon comeback to normal.”

On what Perfectohas in place to entertain guest especially at the weekends, Chukwu said “Youknow we just started, but it is part of what we intend to do, it is in ourpriority plan of what we intend to do, I am thinking if we can start it by thisOctober 1, the Independent day. I have just put it down on what I intend to do,bring in arties that will come around, I know that day is a public holiday,people will come around, once we start doing the advert on time, it will drawcrowd here that day.”

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