LG’s Dualcool premium AC excites customers

Customers of LG Premium Floor Standing Air Conditioner are expressing excitement about the product, describing it as high-performance air conditioner that cools more effectively and efficiently than competing products.

The product which was launched into the Nigerian market in Lagos recently, the first of its kind to be introduced in the Middle East & Africa region apart from the Korean market, reveals how through creative innovative technology the LG brand is impacting life.

According to the Head of Corporate Marketing Division, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Hari Elluru, LG Electronics has come a long way in supporting millions of households with quality, cutting-edge technological products.

The LG Dualcool premium floor standing air conditioner expresses that philosophy, which indeed is to ensure that it offers products of technology and innovative designs to its esteemed consumers in Nigeria and all over the world.

For instance, he explained the product is an art of technology inspired by a form of a round pillar that sends optimal wind anywhere.

It has two short-haul and long-distance runners inside the air conditioner to operate in the most optimal way in each section to save energy through the help of AI Dual Inverter.

He pointed out that when compared to a general cooling of 10.8℃ on average, the product blows 6.8℃ wind on average to provide instant cooling when it is turned on.

For Mr. Chinedu Ibe, a longtime lover of LG products, what excites him in the LG Dualcool AC is how technology was deployed to deliver pure air to the home of its consumers, which according to him demonstrates creativity.

According to him, LG provides essential information using the latest technology at-a-glance so that the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) The display shows current conditions and air purification progress via icons that change color to reflect the cleanliness of the surrounding air.

He also said that worth of the note is how technology is been used to indicate indoor air quality in real-time, whether it is purifying the air or not.

Another customer John Odata, an investment banker has this to say about the purification features of the product describing it as a high-performance air conditioner that cools more effectively and efficiently than competing products.

He said further that what excites him also was the LG’s advanced DUAL Inverter Compressor, which he said saves more energy and cools faster than a conventional model adding that the Comfort Air mode that comes with it will indeed help users feel more relaxed and protect their health by adjusting the vane to the optimal angle, preventing airflow from blowing directly at them and causing a sudden drop in body temp.

And in the words of an electronic product dealer in Lagos, Mr. Steve Okpara, the new Dualcool range of air conditioners Gold Fin anti-corrosion coating will enhance durability over its lifespan stressing that of particular value is that the ranges are controllable via a downloadable free smartphone app, which makes them especially suited to modern lifestyles.

He equally observed that LG ensures that users can also easily send diagnostics remotely to an LG air conditioner service technician for an initial diagnosis, a feature that also helps to enhance the overall service life of the Dualcool.

According to him, one thing that will excite environmentalist is the LG Dualcool R410 refrigerant that has zero ozone depletion potential, making it less of a strain on the environment along with their Plasmaster Ionizer technology that removes 99% of the bacteria in the ambient environment while deodorizing the air at the same time.

Okpara explained further that another reason why he believes that the product will be of immense benefit to the user is the fact that the LG Dual Cool with Dual Inverter Floor Standing Air Conditioner stands out with its air-cooling capacity of up to 20,000 kJ/hour, and its ability to reduce the time needed to expel heat by up to 30 percent.

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