American-based Bishop faults Pastors Ibiyomie, Enenche over Freeze

By John Okeke

An American based Nigerian Bishop, Ugoeze Frank Uwakwe has faulted Pastor David Ibiyomie of Salvation Ministries and Dr. Paul Enenche of Dunamis Church over what he termed “using pulpit to settle scores”.

In a statement made available to The AUTHORITY, Bishop Ugoeze Frank Uwakwe said:

“My attention was drawn to certain videos of Pastor David Ibiyomie and Dr Paul Enenche who stood on their pulpits in their churches during church services and” cursed” a certain Daddy Freeze and said all manner of nasty things against him. I was told they did this because Daddy Freeze insulted their Father, Bishop David Oyedepo. I have personally watched the said video of Daddy Freeze. As a senior member of the clergy, I have these to say:

“Incidentally, both Pastor Ibiyeomie and Dr Enenche are “sons” of Oyedepo but both should also know that the heavenly race is an individual race. Don’t keep defending a man and lose track of your own salvation. These things can be tricky. By the way, is Bishop David Oyedepo truly the father of Pastor David Ibiyeomie and Dr Enenche? Why are they going by the name, Ibiyeomie or Enenche and not Oyedepo? You people should wake, Man is Man. Nobody is greater than the other before God, we are mortals.

“The Pastors also fell into a trap. Why most of us are enraged by Ibiyeomie and Enenche’s reaction is because as seasoned Pastors, a lot is expected from them with regards to exemplary lifestyles. But their outings in recent times have fallen short of glory,” he said.

“The pulpit is strictly to teach the word of God, pray for people and not to settle personal scores, political scores, show off or cursing any human being. Raining down curses wasn’t necessary. Assuming Daddy Freeze is a devil, what more damage can your curse do? Nothing! A devil can no longer be cursed because he is already cursed. So, this whole thing has turned to a bragadocious display of one’s might, connections, financial strength, political affiliation or material possessions. You could hear them say “I have this, I have done that”. This is very unchristian that is why as a bishop I decided not to be close to some of these egocentric and materialistic Preachers because of their arrogance, everything about them is all about bragging,” he said.

He continued,”They are quick to rain down curses and use the bible to justify it. By this behavior, they fall into the same league with professional witches and wizards.

The pastors are demi -gods, their followers are armed with verbal arsenal to “demolish” their perceived enemies.

They blackmail you emotionally, intimidate you spiritually, frustrate you physically and isolate you socially whenever they are unable to stand your intellectual capacity to challenge their Theological fallacies because they don’t reason, they perpetually want to see you bend in obiseince to some questionable theology which they cannot defend in any intellectual debate. Ask them a question, they brand you a devil.

This is not the Christianity Dr.Luke wrote about in the Book of Acts. Where are the “Bereans”? Do we still have people who question doctrines as was done of old?

Pastors should avoid the error of tagging whoever disagrees with them as an agent of darkness. Cursing people for abusing you make you no different from a witch.

Going as far as using the pulpit to lie about the Paternity of Daddy Freeze, Calling a human being a mad dog, insulting the halfcasts, the Broadcasters and the Nation of Somalia is a sign of repobacy or apostacy. Anyone who sees nothing about these utterances is surely suffering from chronic insanity.

Pastor Ibiyomie and Dr Enenche erred in Faith, Ethics, law and leadership. I have tried to hold back or utterly refrain from making a statement on their public outburst on Daddy Freeze and the attended foray of unsalted words that has permeated the sane atmosphere of Zukerville by his followers. However for the sanctity of the faith, the burden of truth leadership and the need to lit the torch for would-be leaders, I dare to write.

That video of Pastor Ibiyeomie came off in bad taste and smell. I had to watch again with great caution to ensure it was not doctored or fabricated by mischief makers. For a second I thought it was not true, atlas the reverberation of “Ride on Sir” from the congregant murdered my Thomas.

He was angry, yes. But a man in the office of a Bishop, a leader of such influence over millions should have a hold over his spirit and temper.

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