End of year Prayer: Umenzekwe sympathises with Lagos State over EndSARS, commends Sanwo-Olu

…As Father Ezenwata rededicates Adem Complex

As the year 2020 gets set to pack its bag and baggage to exit from the surface of the earth, many Nigerians, nay the whole world have every reason to be grateful for being alive. That was the major reason Adem Commercial Complex, Coker, Lagos embarked on End of Year Prayer to appreciate God, CYRIACUS NNAJI reports.

In Nigeria particularly 2020 has been a bouquet of troubles from Coronavirus to EndSARS, however it is a thing of Joy that Adem Commercial Complex, Coker, Lagos on Thursday, December 10, 2020 held an End of Year Prayer to appreciate God for his care and protection. It was also designed for the rededication of the complex, rededication their business and to chase away all calamities and evil people.

The man of God invited to cleans and rededicate the complex was the new Spiritual Director of the Complex, Reverend Father Emmanuel OkechukwuEzenwata, the Parish Priest of St John’s the Apostle and Evangelist Catholic Church, Agulu, Catholic Diocese of Awka, Anambra State.

Speaking at the occasion, Chief ModestusUmenzekwe, Chairman of Adem Commercial Complex said the year has been a special one in its own way “The year is a special year for Nigerians in general and the business community in particular, from Coronavirus to ENDSAR and from EndSARS we ran into the problem of hoodlums who capitalized on that to vandalise whatever that has made us great in this country, more especially Lagos Sate.”

Umenzekwe used the opportunity to sympathise with the government and people of Lagos over destructions of lives and property during the EndSARS protest. “I want to sympathise with the government and people of Lagos State for what they have lost. Let the government take it as that hazard that may come in the course of discharging her duty.”

He also appealed to the Nigerian youths for calm, stressing that violence does not pay no matter the provocation. “I also appeal to the youths please and please no matter the situation let them calm down. I am making a passionate appeal, I made this appeal in the papers, on television, on radio and I am making it again in this premises. I am appealing to all the youths, please no matter the provocation, no matter the demands, the president has made a statement that he has listened and he is tackling those issues one by one.

“Please violence cannot take us anywhere as I urge the government both the federal government and the state government to do the needful so that we don’t run into this crisis again,” Umenzekwe reiterated.

Speaking further, Umenzekwe commended the Lagos Government for the manner it handle Coronavirus “Also, I want to thank Lagos State in particular for handling this corona virus very well. This is the epi-centre and the governor has done marvelously well. Please help us extend this commendation from this complex to the governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, BabajideSanwo-Olu.”

On the purpose of the End of Year Prayer, Umenzekwe said “This complex was consecrated by Reverend Monsignor Sylvester Osikwe of Blessed Memory; he was the spiritual Director of this place. He had opportunity of visiting this complex three times before he died.

“Today we are having another Spiritual Director, a young man but in the same category of Father Osikwe, the same category of Mbaka, the same category of EbubeMmuonso. He has travelled all the way from Anambra State to be here today. He is the new spiritual director of this place by my own calculation and by my own understanding. When you receive prayer from him, I believe you will succeed, because I have seen, I have tried and I have gotten result,” Umenzekwe stated.

Speaking on reason to invite the Reverend Father, Umenzekwe said that it is always good to glorify God and to show God that His mercy upon them is appreciated.

“We are here to praise God for what he has done for us, we are here to seek for his protection, we are here to seek for progress; that is why we called the Reverend Father. We do it yearly but this one is special, we called him to rededicate this compound, to rededicate this business, to chase away all calamities, to chase away all evil people,” he stated.

NzekweChukwuemeka, the General Secretary of the market said the intension of the prayer session has been met, “We have been having crusade before now, but today’s own is with a difference, you can see the chairs were not even enough for our members, even though some are not here. Crusade is a spiritual affair, but majority are here and we thank God it was a success.”

Nzekwe disclosed that Power has been an intractable problem in the country and Adem Complex is not exempted “Electricity has become an intractable challenge in the country and we here are not exempted, but we are working on it and we pray in due course everything will be rectified.”

Reverend Father Emmanuel OkechukwuEzenwata, delivering his sermon titled “Surely there is an end” said all their tribulations have ended.

Answering the question if the problem with Nigeria is more of spiritual than economic, he said “Of course man is both spiritual and physical because we are made up of the body and soul; therefore the two must go hand in hand, spiritual and physical. You must also know that he that is spiritually dead is so to say physically dead. So our problem is both, I must tell you that if Nigerians will begin to be sincere with God, things will work out well. But often times we leave one and follow the other and things continue to go amiss.”

Speaking on what the nation in general and Adem Commercial Complex in particular need to do to remain in God’s favour he said they have to do six things “There are six things we must do to remain on the side of God. One is to surrender yourself completely to God. Two is to live on the word of God. Three is to praise God, the Bible says those that worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth and worshipping God entails prayer, communion with God and as we commune with God we must sacrifice to this God in whom we believe and if you sacrifice to Him, His glory will overshadow you and you shall be living under his anointing, and things will be going on well with us.”

Reverend Father Ezenwata projected that 2021 will be a good year for the nation. “No doubt people have passed through trials and tribulations this year2020, nobody prays for bad thing, so we believe strongly that tomorrow will be better, that God is going to favour us. 2021 is going to be a blessed year for all of us because if God is for us nobody is going to be against us.”

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