COVID 19: Clergymen, Community Leaders Denied Knowledge Of F.G’s N339.m Donation to Adamawa?

By Austin Ajayi, Yola

There have been hues and cries over the claim by federal government of Nigeria to have given cash support to some 16,971 indigenes of Adamawa as a relief payment from the government to help individuals and families cope with the harsh effect of both lockdown and other economic measures taken to curb the in the country.

This action is commendable, it is however laughable, strange and that such a distribution was done during a lockdown in the state and under cover and away from the media has made us asked many questions.

Has the distribution of public funds become a fiery tale in a Super story soaps or become an art in disguise?

Could it be true that the FG would physically dole out N339.4 million naira “nicodimously” within 24 hours and no one in the state is available to say they are the beneficiaries?

Or perhaps it could claim it has a database including account details where the funds were transfered to individuals?

Could those accounts of 16,971 people be made public? These are the many questions the public would like to know.

Authority findings suggests that if the said amount was actually distributed to the 16,971 persons, then every person that is so far “invisible” would have gotten N19,999.8 , so where is the money? Pastors, islamic clerics, community leaders, political leaders, say they were not in the know of how the money was disbursed.

Who, where and when was this distribution done?

Could this be another I top secret affair that should not be disclosed ( oath of secrecy) or an item in the official secret act of government to give out money to your citizens?

The disbursement should probably be the most transparent thing on earth and the government should secure the services of the media to disseminate to the public but they did not , this art of commission raises more questions than answers.

The ministry of humanitarian affairs have been performing miracles these days in its distribution of money to “Nigerians.”

Though the ministry has offered a spurious explainer that it would be giving the money to the poorest Nigerians who probably are best known to them but honestly, we know the poorest of Nigerians than they do.

The ministry of special duties who is purpose to be in charge of the distribution in Adamawa state have been said to have gone into hiding as effort to reach the commissioner or the permanent secretary of the ministry failed .

It is not clear yet if the secretary to the estate government , Ahmed Bashir who is the state chairman of COVID19 committee has not be forth coming as he as remain elusive.

Not to be cynical and dismissive of what was supposed to be a noble gesture, we are writing for anyone who benefitted from the cash gift or knows someone who benefitted from it or know someone, who knows someone, who benefitted from it, kindly drop your comment in our comment section below and we would gladly publish it.

Our aim is not to run down our government but hold it accountable for its actions.

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