NGO decries extrajudicial killings in Ogoni, seeks peace

From Blessing Ibunge, Port Harcourt

A non-governmental organization, Lokiaka Community Development Centre, has decried series of extrajudicial killings of indigenes of Ogoni across Ogoni land in the four local government areas of Eleme, Tai, Gokana and Khana.

The group alleged that the military as well as the police have caused a lot of havoc, brutalising innocent indigenes of the area.

They also lamented that even when there is no war, Ogoni land continues to be hostile to its indigenes, stressing that the insecurity in the area was not caused by the indigenes but foreign bodies who invade the area and kill at will.

Speaking during an event in Bori, Khana LGA to mark the 25th Memorial of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni martyrs, Martha Agbani, Executive Director of Lokiaka Centre, stressed that women in the area are the worst hit by the extrajudicial killings.

Agbani said that the killings have caused untold hardship to women and every Ogoni person following the attacks experienced in their farmlands.

She said: “Today is the 25th anniversary of the extrajudicial murder of Ogoni Nine. Lokiaka Community Development Centre is joining in solidarity to mark the day because what happened that day for us was a mass atrocity; it was a sin against humanity and violence against human right.

“They were not given the right to fair hearing. So we are here because Ogoni land is filled with blood bath. Ogoni land has been terrorised and militarized on a near daily basis. There are lots of hostilities around the area, indigenes of Ogoni lives as strangers in their land.

“We are talking about a situation whereby they kill on near daily basis, the military keep shooting, there is high level of brutality in the environment and such, our youths have been dying on daily basis.

“Women are daily being harassed in their farmland, being raped, some are even being killed. These are being done by the military or whosoever comes into Ogoni land to do whatsoever and keep Ogoni people hostile.

“We are saying that the activities of police brutality should stop in Ogoni land, there should be EndSARS in Ogoni land. We can’t imagine that we want to walk in our own land they will ask us to raise our hands up. This insecurity in the land is not caused by the Ogoni people; government is doing this because we suspect they want to have the oil from the Ogoni land and so they want to keep the environment tensed to distract the people.

“Ogoni environment where the oil is gotten from, where the resources of the nation come from, where the country earns their living from is highly underdeveloped and so, we need water, we need light in Ogoni land. We need companies to come and operate in Ogoni land, we need industries that will here and employ our youths not prison. What they are putting there is tantamount to justice,” Agbani added.

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