Nwokedi, family distribute gifts at Thanksgiving Service, advocates President of Igbo extraction

By Cyriacus Nnaji

The family of High Chief Chika Nwokedi, the Okpoko 1 of Obodoukwu on November 29 thanked God for His immense protection and guidance on the family.

Holding at Fire Grace & Mercy Restoration Ministry, Ijegun, Lagos, the Nwokedis used the opportunity to touch the lives of the less privileged in society by distributing various quantities of food items, wrist watches, paste, perfumes and a lot more.

It also coincided with the Thanksgiving /Inauguration of the Church’s NGO (DDHFF) at 1, Ayinda Street, by Fire Bus-stop, Ijegun Lagos.

Speaking at the event, the Founder and Pastor of the church, Pastor (Mrs) Tessy Chika Nwokedi said that what matters in life is being able to touch life no matter how small.

While speaking on the sustainability of the philanthropic gesture by the church she said, “No matter how small it is, but let it be that you have touched life, even if it is One Naira, because it is going to solve a problem. Whether the country is good or not, we will continue, no matter how little, some people are partnering with us, while we the church also brought ours, a lot of people are behind us, so we would continue no matter how the county is.”

Pastor Nwokedi disclosed that whatever that was made at the thanks giving service would be shared to the less-privileged and the poor in the church and those outside. “Whatever we make here, I don’t go home with anything I make, I make sure I share it to the less-privileged, the widows and the orphans. Then the remaining ones we go to the streets and share to less privileged ones and beggars on the way.”

High Chief Chika Nwokedi used the opportunity to lend his voice to the raging clamour for president of Igbo extraction.

While maintaining that it is time for Ndigbo to occupy Aso Villa, he called on the Igbos to be more united in order to achieve their purpose.

He said “I have said this thing before, if they want to do the right thing, it is time for Igbo to rule. They should give Igbo a chance to try their best.””

Showing regrets that Igbos are not united he added “But where I have problem is when they give them the chance and say Ndigbo come out to rule, my brother we will kill ourselves. Some will say it is the turn of Anambra, some Ebony, some Imo, that is the problem, because no Igbo man will step done for his brother.”

He said whatever be the case it is the turn of Igbo people to produce the next president. “But if the truth should be told, they should give Igbo a chance to do their best, Hausa has tried, Yoruba has tried, and other tribes have tried, so let them give Igbo a chance. God knows that it is the truth and nothing but the truth, but I plead that the Igbo should bring one person or two. If they want justice in this country, they should give it to the Igbo, if they do well good, if they don’t do well, they will put their name where they put others,” Nwokedi maintained.

Speaking on reason he decided to go to the church and thank God he said “I am happy, because some people don’t know what it means to thank God. As far as you sleep and wake up, you must appreciate God. The almighty God kept us alive from January till today, so no matter what, appreciate God. When I was worshipping in Rhema, and CPM, I thank God every year, because when you thank God for what he did, he will do more. That is why I celebrate my birthday every year, even though low key but there must be about 50 people to eat and drink, but my 45 years birthday I did it in a hall, and two years coming, it will be in a field because it is my gold, so it is not easy for me to be alive today, I thank God.”

On what is unique about this year’s thanksgiving, he said “At least you are in the world, you see how there was too much pandemic, and in which people lost lots of loved ones, America lost almost 100,000, Britain lost, Spain, Italy, but me and my family, nothing happened to us. Another on was ENDSARS issue in which people also died, it didn’t touch me and my family, so I supposed to thank him even if I don’t have One Naira but appreciating God matters a lot. So I say God thank you for keeping me alive, thank you for keeping my family and friends alive. I would call my friends and they would respond that they are okay, that is what matters to me. My family, my brothers and sisters, cousins, no one had problem, so it is good to appreciate God; that is why I can dance and say God thank you.”

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