Mgbidi 2021: Four days Lords Chosen crusade that brought transformation to humanity

… As Muoka cursed Corona Virus all over the world

By Cyriacus Nnaji

Belief in the supremacy of the spiritual over the physical has become an age-long unchallenged truism which is not only signposted by avalanche of evidence of number of people seeking spiritual solutions to their numerous life challenges, but also the quality, substance and most importantly men in high positions seeking blessings and fortifications from those that God has imbued with spiritual powers.

The 2021 International crusade of The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, code name Mgbidi 2021 with the theme “What God Has Determined Shall Be Done” which was held between January 3 and January 6, 2021 remained one of those landmark events in Christendom that has brought great transformation, not just to Igbo land but the world at large.

Mgbidi International Crusade has acquired such national and international acceptability that politicians have now jettisoned search for power from traditional medicine men and have embraced the God of Chosen as solutions to their protection and fortification. Being an annual pilgrimage, this year’s programme was not different in the caliber of visitors to the event. Those bigwigs that made appearances at the Mgbidi 2021 include the Governor of Bayelsa State, His Excellency Douye Diri and of course the former Governor of Imo State and now a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellence Owelle Rochas Okorocha, who, at the crusade ground picked interest in a young boy of 11 and pledged to take up his education up to university level, while also giving the boy’s mother, a partially blind woman, the sum of N200,000 to start a business. This is just to mention a few of the crème de la crème who graced the international crusade this year.

Indeed it is now an annual Pilgrimage, yes, a Mecca, where members of the church, Christians and non Christians alike looked up to on yearly basis to obtain spiritual energy, deliverance, healing, miracle which place them in high pedestal to overcome life’s innumerable challenges.

Permission to host the 2021 Crusade, granted at the last minute due to few of Covid-19 by the Imo State Government, did not in any way demean the usual characteristic features that go with Mgbidi Crusade. First the church ensured absolute compliance to the Covid-19 protocols. No single soul entered the crusade ground without being sanitized, social distancing was stressed and also face mask was made compulsory.

The four-day event which kicked off January 3, 2021 and rolled till January 6, became a living testament of what God can do as the dumb spoke, the deaf heard and the blind saw.

It is also germane to pinpoint that Mgbidi Crusade as multifaceted as it is, is not just for signs and wonders alone, the impactful conceptualization of the programme was felt in the ancillary  services which not just the natives, but also people across the nation came to Mgbidi to provide and make money within the four days event. Food vendors made big money even as those that deal in wears, ICT, books, banks also had their stands, while POS was at every nook and cranny providing financial transactions for attendees. Dealers in London made Air bed of different sizes all the way from Ladipo Market Lagos had their stand at the crusade ground at Mgbidi, though the dealers complained of poor sales due to impact of covid-19 on the economy.

Mgbidi 2021 witnessed a bouquet of testimonies. A woman whose fallopian tube was cut out with no hope of child bearing again testified how she was restored miraculously and she now has children. Chinenye Agubuya testified that her menstrual period which stopped flowing was instantly healed. She also said she was having catarrh which often mixed with blood but was healed at the crusade. Janet Onah with six months bleeding and demonic rashes was healed.

Lillian Amaja Abel, police woman who had delayed promotion of 7 years, testified how she was promoted from Chief Superintendent to Assistant Commissioner of Police. Also Sister Silvia Duka brought 35 years deaf and dumb and she was healed. Testimonies were uncountable. 26 years deaf and dumb was rolled away, gynecologist who lost her memory regained herself, and could now recognize things. 

Chukwuemeka Innocent, National Coordinator, Lord Chosen Rwanda, testified how The Lords Chosen Church was granted permission to worship in Rwanda. He said Rwanda was looking for a church from heaven and they saw it in the Chosen and that was how the country granted Chosen the Legal Registration and Personality right to operate in Rwanda.

Sister Blessing Ibiam’s ear problem and insomnia was healed. A woman testified of 22 years barrenness gone after much reproach and scorn from enemies, and how the child was delivered two years, one month and some days because of enemy attacks.

It was also brought to the knowledge of the chosen in Nigeria that the government of Egypt has honoured the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries Egypt Branch with a Golden Certificate Award.

The Coordinator of Egypt branch of the church, Pastor Rufus Obi said issuance of golden certificate was an indication of a clean bill of health to the church to carry on with their activities and operations in the land of Egypt.

According to him, it is an indication that the Chosen Church is a peace loving church, not only in Egypt, but the world over.

Isioma Marxwel, an evangelist turned armed robber was delivered, while Lt. Col. Ugwu who had delayed promotion was promoted after the G.O, Pastor Muoka, prophesied to his wife that his husband would be promoted.

While speaking at the crusade, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the Founder and General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen, said with 10billion soul mandate, the church and visitors who came to the Crusade from all over the world are hopeful that the programme would bring healing, Deliverance, miracles, signs and wonders.

Muoka also urged his members to resist overtures to leave the church being made to them by other churches, describing such propositions as coming from enemies of God.

He said that such enticement and overtures were the work of the devil. “Don’t make the mistake of leaving The Chosen, they are from the pit of hail, they are telling you to come and take money, we are going to give you money, train your children, they are coming from the enemies,” he said.

Speaking further he asserted “As you continue with him, God will bless you, continue to be strong in Chosen and God will bless you. God has determined to fight your battle, employment, favour, good health. I connect you to breakthrough, every blockade in your family as a result of generational curse, I revoke it,” Muoka prayed.

Muoka also cursed Corona Virus all over the world. “As I enjoy divine protection, you shall enjoy the same because you are a Chosen. Corona Virus I curse you all over the world. This year God has determined to protect you, give you heaven at last, that is the determination of God for you and it shall be done,” Muoka said.

Further Muoka prayed against smuggling, prostitution, masturbation, alcohol, divorce, broken bones, loss of memories, liver, kidney, abnormal growth, hunchback, and told the people that it is their year of testimony.

Many said they were at the crusade to obtain power to crush 2021, while others claimed they were there to pray against Corona Virus, knowing well that the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Muoka has the real power from above that would enable them to overcome the challenges of life.

However, some Chosen Choir groups like the PRO Choir, Campus, Duet Sisters, National choir and Youth choirs provided songs that were nourishing to the soul and brought Holy Spirit to minister to the congregants.

Many of those who spoke to The AUTHORITY on their experiences at the Mgbidi International Crusade extolled the church for the crusade. Obiajeri Ann said she started attending Mgbidi Crusade since 2013, disclosing that she has received various miracles, adding that any time she is coming to Mgbidi she comes with expectations and she has never been disappointed. “Some I receive instantly, while some come in the course of the year,” she added.

Rose from River State said The Chosen is the place to be, adding that she has no reason not to attain Chosen Crusade and that she has been coming to Mgbidi since 2012. She commended The Chosen for following the protocol to guide against Covid-19.

“You find out that what had happened in the olden days in the lives of the Israelites is what is happening here, and this is just the beginning compared to what you are seeing because this is the end time. Our GO always say we should expect more and we are expecting more.”

Brother Blessed Ubanwa from Ebonyi State said “Honestly we have a good God, the God of Chosen. This program theme in fact is more than marvelous, and what is happening here, I have not seen it in another place. I have gone to other churches but this one is different, one person giving testimony here said, this is not the finger of God, but the hand of God,” he said.

Mrs Precious Ndidiamaka Olisakwe the partially blind mother of little Chinaraekele Winner Olisakwe who was awarded scholarship by His Excellency Rochas Okorocha disclosed that it is the God of Chosen that did it. “People were giving testimonies, and I said God of Chosen, locate me, and indeed He located me, I am overwhelmed with joy through this my son.”

By the fourth and final day of the crusade, unimaginable and monumental miracles, deliverance, healing were been harvested. God of impossibilities was there to hear the prayers of the faithful. Pastor Lazarus Muoka told the congregants that everyone must leave the crusade ground with benefits, he said “Even when you turn your back against miracles, the blessings of God would still locate you and overtake you.”

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