How TB Joshua warned the world of multiple challenges in 2021, released faith tools

…As evidence reveals manifestation of his prophecies

Prophet TB Joshua, the Founder and Pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) over the years, has exemplified the voice of God through his prophecies which have always unarguably come to manifestation. These prophecies have made him popular across the world. Indeed 2021 prophetic revelations are not different. Southwest Editor, JOHN SILAS and CYRIACUS NNAJI, write.  

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua prominently known and addressed as TB Joshua has remained the primus inter pares among prophets not just in Nigeria but across the world; his prophecies have remained a testament of the voice of God among men and nations.

He remains calm when he has not heard from God, and speaks out as soon as God reveals His thoughts to him. Indeed so many a time people have made efforts to urge him to release prophecies, but he would always say that he has not heard from God. He therefore waits on God to tell him what to tell the people, unlike the multitude who mount the pulpit and declare thus says the lord when He has not sent them.

At the beginning of 2021, the iconic Oracle of God, TB Joshua prophesied that tougher times await the world in 2021. The man of God also made it clear that there were other massages but those messages have not been made clear to him by God. However it is crystal clear that the few prophecies which he released at the beginning of the year have all manifested.

He prophesied that there would be multiple challenges in the year. He said that companies, educational and faith institutions would be affected, adding that people would lose their jobs, there would be divorce and poverty would be the order of the day. “These include companies, educational and faith institutions being destroyed, people losing their jobs, divorce here and there and poverty becoming the order of the day”.

Today one does not need to be told that these particular predictions have come to pass. Couples are committing suicide due to dwindling family income occasioned by Cvid 19.

The cleric, who sent the message from a ‘Prayer Mountain’ at an undisclosed location in Nigeria, stopped short of releasing his ‘full prophecy’ for the year but hinted that multiple challenges lie ahead.

Today, the world is ridden with crises, cost of food has risen to the rooftops and violence has crisscrossed the entire length and breadth of the world especially Nigeria. There is cry of hunger all over necessitated by the effects of the pandemic and world governments appear helpless. Never in the history of mankind have things gone terribly awry. Governments no longer see their position as a responsibility to the people, but impunity rule the world.

In Nigeria there is no more safety anywhere, kidnapping has become an article of trade in which ransom is paid to secure the release of victims. Cultism which used to be a hidden practiced is now done openly, cyber crime otherwise called Yahoo trade is now on the rise as individuals seek for way out from the current quagmire.

Mankind has refused to listen to the voice of the true prophets like TB Joshua and they are suffering it today, the world has caved in for the devil to celebrate. 

Divorce is now highly celebrated. Recently Honourable Justice Joseph Itsebaga Acha, the second most senior Judge in the Edo State High Court hierarchy, was embroiled in a messy divorce matter involving Chief Leemon Ikpea, the Billionaire Oil Services magnate and Chairman of Lee Engineering Group of Companies and his wife of 39 years, Mrs. Agnes Ikpea.

In the ruling, Justice Acha granted Chief Ikpea’s application for Mrs. Agnes Ikpea to vacate their family home in Banana Island, Lagos, and to refrain from causing him any harm.

Of course, in his message TB Joshua further disclosed that he needed to get a clearer understanding from God before declaring his complete prophetic message for 2021

 “I want to study it because the message here is full of idioms. I’m just a servant. I need to ask God again and again and understand it before declaring it to the world.”

The man of God also revealed his vision about the coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the world in 2020. He spoke about the stages of the virus and where the world is at the moment with regards to the pandemic. “The disease has three stages.

“We are getting to the end of the first stage. The second stage will be tougher than the first stage but it will not affect all countries.

“Third stage will be tougher than the second stage” but not as “widespread” as the initial outbreak,” he said.

The man of God also revealed what he called “faith tools”, which he insisted would provide “a cure”.

“This is why the Lord gave me these faith tools: The New Anointing Water and the New Anointing Sticker, tagged “Not Mine but God’s Own,” he disclosed as he held up a sticker and a small bottle of water.

Explaining the essence of the bottled water he said “It is because it can be applied on any part of the body. It is not for sale; that is why it is anointed. Don’t be deceived due to desperation. Don’t forget – ignorance is a sin,” Joshua urged.

He maintained that the world need a sign to show that the faith tools “came from God” because “we no longer trust our neighbours and our neighbours no longer trust us, he said.

TB Joshua also displayed a clip of the New Anointing Water being ministered virtually to people with various health challenges from over twenty different countries who connected to an online prayer session through Emmanuel TV.

According to a virtual report, as the water was ministered to several people, they fell under anointing and testified to an instantaneous miraculous healing.

As a true oracle and voice of God Joshua remain resolute in his position by saying that he needed to get clear understanding from God before declaring his complete prophetic message for 2021

“I want to study it because the message here is full of idiom,” he said. “I’m just a servant. I need to ask God again and again and understand it before declaring it to the world.”

Recalled that in 2020 Joshua declared it as “the year of humility,” saying that God would “humble us with our challenges such as affliction”.

He equally foretold the backlash for US President Donald Trump over his handling of the protests that erupted in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and his subsequent narrow election defeat to Joe Biden.

Joshua also predicted the worldwide “economic backlash”, the disunity affecting the British Royal Family and the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by US forces.

In tandem with the message for 2021, the cleric also released a video of him visiting “some of the world’s oldest living people” in a rural Nigerian community.

Known for his philanthropy, Joshua is shown meeting several centenarians, some over 140-years-old, providing N300,000 to each person alongside words of counsel and prayer.

“Every rightful man simply has great habits. This is one of my habits: To see to the welfare of our elderly ones, most especially before and after my communion with God,” Joshua explained.

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