Evacuate Nigerians from China, AAC urges FG

*Party condemns China’s forceful COVID 19 test on Africans

By Ezeocha Nzeh

African Action Congress (AAC) has called on the Federal Government to hasten to evacuate Nigerians nationals in China.

This is even as the party has condemned continued molestation of Nigerians and forceful subjugation of Africans to Coronavirus test in a racist manner by authorities in the country .

AAC in a statement issued Monday by its national chairman, Leonard Nzeh was, regretted that Nigerians are targeted by Chinese authorities for selective Coronavirus test, adding that the obvious selective behaviour on the part of the Chinese is unfortunate, discriminatory and racist in nature.

“We are saddened that a minor misunderstanding involving a suspected Nigerian COVID-19 patient with a Chinese medical staff would result into a xenophobic attitude which resulted in labelling and singling out black Africans in China for forceful COVID-19 test.

“Unfortunately, without confirmed tests indicating whether they are positive or negative, these black Africans are outrightly classified as positive carriers of Coronavirus.

“This attitude is not an isolated case that should be wished away. It has become a pattern by the Chinese in mainland China and abroad as cases abound across the globe particularly in African countries of how Chinese continued to exhibit the supremacist behaviour against other races.”

The party further noted that while thousands of Chinese nationals engage in all kinds of businesses in Nigeria without being any form of molestation or harassment, authorities in the Asian country has remained hostile to Nigerians in their midst

“There has not been any record of Nigerians maltreating Chinese even as Chinese nationals in the country are involved in all kinds of clandestine and illegal activities across the country.

“We’ve observed that many of these Chinese come into Nigeria with questionable and invalid documents from suspicious quarters as they head to many rural areas in Nigeria to extract solid minerals, indulge in mining and farming activities.

“That Chinese presence is heavy in mining spots across the Northern parts of this country is not a secret. The people and Government of Nigeria have maintained robust relationship with Chinese even with their xenophobic attitude.

“The Coronavirus disease itself, factually, materially and undisputably originated from China before it was exported to other parts of the world. What started in Wuhan, a Chinese city, is now being made to look as if it is imported by Africans into China.

“AAC calls on the Chinese authorities to stop the molestations and unjustified maltreatment of Nigerians and Africans in China.”

“Furthermore, AAC demands that the Nigerian government should commence evacuation of our citizens back home knowing how Nigerians in South Africa were massacred despite early warning signs which the government ignored. We cannot sit back and watch a repeat of what took place in South Africa to happen in China.”

The party further maintained that government must thoroughly screen and test all the medical supplies by the Chinese authorities to fight the COVID 19 pandemic the to ensure they are free of Coronavirus before they are administered on Nigerians .

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