2021 prophecy by Nigerian Pastors: What Daddy G.O, Oyedepo, TB Joshua and Other Pastors predicted for This New Year

By John Silas,Lagos. 

As this new year has come, a lot of gospel preachers has released prophecies of what people should expect this year 2021.

The year that just passed has been hard for a lot of people around the world and they are looking forward to there pastors for information on wether 2021 will be sweet for them  or wether it will require an extra work.

What are some of the events that have happened this 2021.
Notable Africans that have died in 2020: From football heroes to jazz legends.
See Nigerian states and churches that have ban New Year Eve "Crossover" Service.
Most times, the prophesies come up during crossover services into the new year.

Bishop Oyedepo say this year will be full of surprises.

"From 2021, you shall not wander in life again. You shall not know disappointments in 2021".

"Your dramatic change of story shall come in 2021. Those affliction you are used to will not follow you to the year 2021" Oyedepo in his cross over service preach on topic "We Are On the Way To Our Promised Land', he said the devil used the Covid-19 Pandemic to come after the church".

According to him "no online substitute is in Physical Christian fellowship".
the governors made a statement recently and said, 'We have only had five cases since the noise began. So, where is Covid-19"?


Pastor E. A. Adeboye of Redeemed Christian Church of God in his new year prophecies said that a lot of the things that happened in 2020 will still enter 2021.

He said "for every vaccine that they create for Covid1-9, the variant will come out," and he said will continue till everybody agree that "it's only God can give safety".

In his January one message he said this year will be full of testimonies of God's goodness and that Nigerians will hear sounds from heaven.

He said "remain faithful to your decision to follow Jesus through out this year and your mouth will be full of testimonies of God's goodness".


The controversial prophet did not release any clear prophecy about 2021 but he said God gave him mandate to release anointing water and anointing sticker that people will use protect themselves.

He said he went to mountain where God gave him new year prophecies that he will release later after he study it well.

The prophet say the things that Covid-19 has destroyed will be cleared this year 2021.

This is  controversial prophet that have contributed in a lot of national issues in the past.

In an interview with local tori pipo Sun, the general overseer of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church say 2021 will be tougher than 2020, he  said Nigerians should pray well.

He said even though the Covid-19 vaccine will work effectively, coronavirus will still spread more and it will make Nigeria shutdown again.

The prophet said it was around September that the virus will begin to go down.

We observe that some of the preachers are careful with their prophecy concerning what the year 2021 hold for us, this might be because people are abusing 2020 prophecies that they released and it did not happen as they said.

Every end / beginning of the year a lot of Nigerians troupe to end of the year cross over service where preachers turn to Prophets telling people what to expect the next year, but a lot of people where shocked as lots of the year 2020 prophecies did not mention the arrival of covid19 and how it rearranged the world.

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