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Being a Casino Pit Boss in 2021

The position has evolved significantly over the years. Originally, the pit boss was the casino manager or one of the assistants. Today’s modern pit boss could be in charge of a few table games, a pit of a dozen games, or multiple pits of table games, as well as all of the floor supervisors who are watching games and dealers in those pits. The role is still one of the most sought-after in the casino industry.

Solving the Different Player Disputes

There will be disagreements on table games from time to time due to mistakes made by the player or the dealer. In the event of a dispute or a summons, the pit boss can be summoned as the final authority. Pit bosses must have a clear knowledge of all table game laws and regulations. Long-running conflicts can necessitate the involvement of the Australian online casino manager or manager on duty, as well as the Casino Regulatory Agency.

Making sure there is Order Amongst the Employees

Regular shift statements for shift supervisors may also be needed, and after paperwork is normally completed by the pit boss. A typical eight-hour shift requires three or four short breaks, at least one of which is at least half an hour long for a meal time. Card counting, stealing, and scams are also included in training so that managers know what to look for and how to deal with issues.

Do Pit Bosses Earn More?

Pit bosses are typically compensated far beyond box men who supervise the regular casino games like craps and floor supervisors. When pit boss duties also include majority of the duties mentioned above, the job will typically require them to earn more than the other online casino workers.  Depending on the casino, most pit bosses are given an envelope containing a small percentage of dealer tips, regardless of whether the dealers keep their tips or split them with other dealers.

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