Gbenga Adeyinka is a murderer; a serial killer He should be arrested

By Wale Ojo-Lanre, Ado-Ekiti

We are not in the habit of making frivolous allegations because we know the legal import of such. We are learned enough to know that he who asserts must prove. Although there are some exceptions  to this rule, we know where the exceptions can be applied. 

So, we have our proof against this guy and we are not ready to compromise, hence we stand by the headline of this story, which we are sure has intrigued your mental imagination. We are making this allegation so that the Nigerian Police, the Federal Government and all good people of Nigeria would come to the rescue  and protect us from total annihilation, imminent eradication and extermination from the face of the earth. We are being killed and murdered daily by this young, super creative, dynamic and intelligent guy but who is very vicious at us, thus deploying the weapon which God had bequeathed on him at killing us without mercy. Haba! 

However, no hiding place for whoever is an evildoer! Nobody can run faster than how far the Lord our God allows. And no evil act  can be hiding forever.The Yoruba adage says ‘ Asepamo lo wa. Ausgabe ko si (No evil act can be hidden forever).

This murderer of a person has been acting to be a good person, rocking the table of the rich and mighty, creating waves and making public shows here and abroad, growing fat, big and handsome everyday, acquiring good life and smiling or laughing loud and opening wide his buccal cavity region to elicit laughter out of many; inducing you to smile and be joyful. While we are daily recording anguish, sorrow, tears and regretAnd you Nigerians keep applauding, appreciating and paying him for doing that which he is excellently and graciously good at.Without many of them aware that he is a  killer!!.

A murderer who should be arrested, jailed and evaporated from the stage Nigerians, we have been trying to keep our mouths shut for so longBut we could no longer tolerate the murderous and deadly act of this guy called Gbenga Adeyinka 1.

The Laftamazz big boy.This callous and wicked guy has created long suspense and boycott of our business which has led to the death of many of our members You know that our major and main job is to initiate sadness and grief in the minds and souls of the people We take delight in doing these because it our source of income and means of livelihood.  We reap from the consequences of hypertension, stroke, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, stress, hallucination, madness, tiredness and unhappiness.

But this guy  is always out to put the sand into our soup by  his perfect art of stupidity whereby he organises events where many are exposed to bail out from impending death, cruising in psychiatric homes and extermination of stress and depression This wicked Gbenga Adeyinka’s uses his comedy skills to lift the stress off those who are supposed to collapse and fall sick, therefore preventing those of us from benefiting from the sickness of these people. 

Also, the other time, the same Gbenga Adeyinka ensured that over  2000 Nigerians who were supposed to have developed stroke but unfortunately, attended his Lafmatazz show in Ibadan where they laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed until the symptoms of stroke fizzled away without buying a single drug from us  ( not a joking matter). This act of his has reduced the number of people who are supposed to buy drugs from some of our members. 

Also the other time, we had prospected for  20000 women in Nigeria to fall into depression, so that those of us working in the mortuaries, coffin makers, hospitals, caregivers and other ancillaries sectors could benefit. But lo and behold, our hope was dashed as soon as these people attended one of the events of Laftamazz, where this guy called Gbenga Adeyinka spoiled our business with his comedy.

They all left his event, happier and hopeful that there is more to life than depression.This stupid Gbenga Adeyinka has also prevented about  3000 Nigerians from committing suicide last year. These were those people we have banked on what we would have gained from their suicide missions.

They were people who had issues with their lives and they were so tensed up, thinking that they must end their lives by committing suicide.We don’t know how these stupid people got to attend one of the events organised by  Gbenga Adeyinka, where he just cracked a few jokes and did his Awada Kerikeri things for few minutes and the thoughts of suicide evaporated from their minds! His gains, the society gains were and are our loss. God knows how many millions of dollars or naira we would have made had these 3000 Nigerians have committed suicide? But this yeye Gbenga Adeyinka has prevented this Some of us operating lunatic homes and asylum shelters for mentally deranged fellows will never forgive Gbenga Adeyinka for using his comedy events to redirect the minds of those who are supposed to be mad and crazy to be liberated and release from the heavy tension of hallucination.

This his comedy act of organising and packaging Lafmatazz all over Nigeria where people who are supposed to go round the bend are exposed to laughter and cool down tension to be happy and regain sanity is killing our business Hence we are calling for his arrest, detention and prosecution.The rubbish man is a murderer for murdering tension, unhappiness, depression, insanity, loneliness, craziness, dullness and stroke  out of many Nigerians who are fortunate to attend his show with comedy The man has stupidly killed deaths out of people who were supposed to have committed suicide just because of silly reasons and jejune issues.

Thus, we are appealing to those of you who will not love to be salvage from hypertension, stroke, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, stress, hallucination, madness, tiredness  and unhappiness to steer clear of Gbenga Adeyinka’s shows or events because he will kill and murder all these with a stroke of comedy   God bless youI am in Usi Ekiti, @ Ibipeju Oniru Chamber Come and beat me

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