As Homun Shaga ascends throne as the 29th Hama Bachama

From Pwanagba Agabus, Jos

Bachama is a kingdom of farmers, fishers, hunters and warriors.

The king is appointed from one of six royal clans who trace their rights to the throne back to mythical times.

The king’s office is divinely sanctioned, his personage is hedged with taboos, and his word is absolute.

Numan, also known as Nomweh (meaning ‘hilltop’), is a town and a Local Government Area in Adamawa State; Numan, is a port town that lies on the confluence of Benue and Gongola rivers.

The predominant ethnic group in the town are the Bwatiye (Bachama) people who have a reputation of being unconquered warriors in all their history.

The Bwatiye people are led by a First Class King known as the Hama Bachama, who is the paramount ruler of the Bachama Kingdom, whose Voti (palace) is in Numan the administrative seat of the throne while Lamurde has another palace for the King as that is the spiritual or ancestral home of the Bwatiye people.

As the new paramount ruler (29th Hama Bacahama), Homun (King) Dr Daniel Ismaila Shaga (Kpwo Nomwe, Gilongo Diya), takes his official staff of office come Wednesday, 23rd December, 2020, his subjects, friends of the Bachama people from within and diaspora are expected to grace the epoch making event.

Addressing journalists ahead of the coronation,
Chairman, Main Organizing Committee, Chief Joel H. Madaki, said, “The Bachama kingdom is not a small Kingdom; therefore the selection process had to be painstakingly done to come up with the most preferred candidate as Hama Bachama.

“As we prepare for the coronation ceremony of the 29th Hama Bacahama, I call all sons and daughters of Bachama Kingdom, home and in Diaspora, neighbours and well-wishers of the Bwatiye race to come out en masse to grace this colorful ceremony.

According to him, “During the Occasion, we should not be oblivious of the fact that we have entered the second wave of Covid-19 and it is real.

“Therefore, I plead with all and sundry to observe the Covid-19 protocol especially as regards to the use of facemasks and social distancing during the occasion.

Madaki maintained that, “The Bwatiye race has rich cultural heritage and the coronation ceremony calls for its display to the admiration of our teeming visitors.

“It is upon this premise therefore, that I call upon all District Heads and Title holders of the Bachama Traditional Council, sons and daughters of Bwatiye race to come out well dressed in their Bwatiye Traditional outfit.

“The Bwatiye race is known for their peace and hospitality. This occasion is an opportunity to change the negative narrative bestowed on our people by those who view us from a different perspective”, he explained.

“We as a people should maintain peace and order during and after the occasion as well as extend our hands of fellowship to our visitors”, he admonished.

Madaki commended the tenacity of the Main Organizing Committee and the sub-committees as they carryout their assigned responsibilities.

He however said that, “It should be realized that appointment into membership of the Committees was based on past track records and integrity.

“I call on all members therefore, that as the tempo of the coronation ceremony is high, let us work assiduously and diligently to ensure the success of the occasion”, he stressed.

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